Week In The Life (The Driest Place On Earth)

I finally finished A Feast For Crows, and am now well into A Dance With Dragons (Another 1100 page roller coaster of a ride. I am particularly a little pissed with a certain character’s demise in Crows, which will have a lot of influence on how fast I get through Dragons. ). I have found myself pondering what the heck I’m going to read while waiting for The Winds of Winter to be released. How does one simply move on from this series?

I’m not one to complain about having to wait for the next installment of a series. My favorite series, before reading Game of Thrones, was The Gunslinger series by Stephen King. When I began that series, I had no idea whether King was going to finish it or not. Especially, after he was hit by a car. Then, he finally did. Honestly, the conclusion felt rushed. Like he just wanted to be done with the series. I don’t want that to happen with Game of Thrones. So, until then, I will patiently wait.

I will say one thing, George R.R. Martin has spoiled me with his writing style. The girls and I just finished The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black, and though I don’t want to say too much about the story because Sky will be reviewing it next week, it wasn’t an easy book for me to get through.

I’m not really a big fan of YA to begin with. Maybe, it’s because I am an adult that has no interest in reliving my teen years. Or, maybe it’s just not something I ever cared for. I went from reading Ramona to Carrie. I remember my teacher, I attended a private school through 8th grade, asked if my parents knew I was reading Stephen King. I remember thinking, why? What is the big deal?

I am a straight forward person, I have no time for drama bullshit. If you have something to say, say it. Not, “Oh I like you, but I can’t tell you”, crap. In this way, I feel sorry for Little Sis. I would rather go to the dentist than reading Twilight. However, I did sit through each and every movie, because I love her. ūüôā

I picked The Darkest Part of the Forest because I thought since we were reading modern fairy-tale adaptations, it would be a better choice for Sky and me (Sky’s and my tastes are a bit more similar). Well, I was wrong.

Language Arts


The Darkest Part of the Forest had so much potential. The story was set in modern times where humans lived among the fairy folk. The story contained some of my most favorite Irish and Scottish folklore. Holly Black did an amazing job creating this world.

The protagonist was a female that wanted to be the knight, and her brother could be the one to find his prince. Halfway through the book, it reminded me of a more mature version of The Spiderwick Chronicles. Also, it could have been condensed into a short story easily. Well, I will let Sky explain the rest in her upcoming review.

We read The Magic Tree House, Moonlight on the Magic Flute, and listened to Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid at Stornory.com.


The girls copied the next 2 stanzas from the poem, The Haunted Castle by Poe.


Words from the poem.

luminous, lute, Porphyrogene, realm, fair, surpassing, wit

I found an awesome word list containing all the definitions of words Poe used in his poems.



Both girls warmed up at XtraMath.org.

Sky continued working on the order of operations in her workbook.

Little Sis worked on multiplying 2 digits, 2 and 3, in her workbook.



I read the Magic Tree House Fact Tracker guide, Penguins, and Antarctica.

We watched the TedEd video,¬†¬†Everything¬†you’ve ever wanted to know about penguins,


and Penguins of the Antarctic (YouTube).

We checked in throughout the week on the penguins at Monterey Bay Aquarium and was able to catch them being fed.



We also watched the NOVA episode Antarctica, Secrets Beneath the Ice.




World History/ Geography:

We watched the TedEd video on  The Arctic Vs. The Antarctic.

TED Talks The Arctic Vs. The Antarctic With Camille Seaman

I printed off a page of Antarctica for the girls to add to their world history notebooks (another continent checked off the list),


and we watched the movie Antarctica: A Year on Ice, and the Nature episode Penguins Post Office.



Then, there was Downton Abbey.


We are continuing with PBS’s new series Mercy Street. Sky is really getting in with this series. When it ended this week she was like, “What, already?”. The last series she was this into was Arthur and George.

Fine Arts

Theater Appreciation:

We watched  Faerie Tale Theatre, The Little Mermaid.


This week we attempted Ariel, from Disney’s Little Mermaid (Dramatic Parrot on YouTube).



Again, Sky took the lessons she’s learned to her own creations.






Walk Away the pounds.

Extracurricular Activities

The girls joined a monthly teen reading club. Little Sis is able to participate because she is actually reading YA novels too. The book choices, in the club for her age, are way too easy and boring to her.

This week the theme was dystopias, which the girls have plenty of experience with, and they played the game The Resistance.

Peace for the journey.


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