Week In The Life (Edelweiss)

Happy Valentines Day!

I noticed last week that our lessons couldn’t keep up with our reading. That happens sometimes when you are borrowing books from the library. Sometimes, I need to place a book on hold because it’s not available, so when it does become available, we need to read it. Sometimes, it happens when trying to do more than one subject at a time too. So, to make a long story short, this week we played catch up. It looks like we will be doing the same thing next week too.


Language Arts


We finished the Land of Stories. There are mixed feelings about this story. One child liked it, and one thought it was boring. So, I think I am going to have both girls write a book review. I thought it was entertaining enough. It wasn’t the best story I’ve ever read; it wasn’t the worst either. It wasn’t a waste of our time, so that makes it worth the read in my opinion. When we are finished with this lesson block, the girls will write their own fairy-tale. This story fits in perfectly as an example of taking a story, that already existed and making it your own. I do like it enough to finish the series.

I read the Magic Tree House Fact Tracker, Ghosts,  Scotland’s folktale:Tam Lin,


and continued with the Basher book, Punctuation.


The girls copied the poem Ghosts, by Emily Dickinson in cursive.


This is Sky’s favorite poem so far. She loved the symbolism. I think this will be the poem Sky memorizes.


chamber, corridor, surpassing, external, interior, achased, encounter, concealed, assassin, prudent, superior, specter,


Warming up at XtraMath, and continuing their Kumon Math Workbooks. Sky is continuing with the order of operations, including word problems. Little Sis, continued 2 digit multiplication with 8s and 9s.



We read February’s issue of Science in the News.



My sciatic nerve has been inflamed, and I’ve been having muscle spasms again. I feel like my spine is out of line, so Papa and I have been doing yoga in the evenings. The girls and I have been doing Leslie Sansone’s  Yoga Walk. Stretching really has been helping. My fingers are crossed that I don’t have anymore herniated disks. This, for sure has not been helping my anxiety.

I noticed when watching a documentary about Miyazaki, that they take short stretching breaks after sitting for awhile. So, I thought I would start doing this too. I figure it can’t hurt.

History/ Geography


We watched Downton Abbey. It is kind of ironic, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the shows Indian Summers, and Mercy Street, comparing them to Downton. Sky and I’ve been discussing this week, how Downton is not her favorite series, especially after watching the shows mentioned above. She really likes Mercy Street and says the reason she doesn’t like Downton, is because “It is too darn depressing. It is like the writer just wants to see how much he can shock us. I can never feel happy for any of the characters because I know with happiness, comes sadness. I know real life is this way, but I like to escape real life when watching television. I don’t need the reminder.” This is coming from a child that loves Game of Thrones, that combines fantasy with reality. I, myself love having these conversations with her. The girls are really good at expressing their opinions.

We watched Rick Steves Europe Vienna, and Salzburg and Surroundings episodes (YouTube). We added Austria to our map of Europe.


We watched Mercy Street.


We listened to the song Tam Lin.


Fine Arts

Music Appreciation:

Continuing with our study of Mozart, we watched an animated version of The Magic Flute (YouTube). I copied a picture of the characters for the girls to color to add into their notebooks.


Then, we watched Die Zauberflöte (Opéra National de Paris – 2001) with English subtitles (YouTube).

Theater Appreciation:

We went to see a performance of Alice in Wonderland (Stage).


We will be reading the story very soon.

Have you ever wondered what our homeschooling kryptonite is? Yes, everyone does have a weakness, ours happens to be making crafts.

This week, instead of a drawing lesson, I thought it would be fun to make Julehjerter for the upcoming holiday. I have always tried to incorporate crafts into our lessons, but it is that one thing that always seems to get shelved. I mean mathematics or crafts? Yeah, mathematics is going to win every time. I do feel both are equally important though.

Anyhow, the girls just are not “crafty” types. Sky dreads them terribly, and I think Little Sis inherited her crafting ability from me. I have a terrible time trying to figure out patterns. I’ve tried, and tried to watch YouTube videos, or read blog instructions, it doesn’t matter, I just suck at it.

Reading how to solve an equation, no problem. Trying how to figure out which way to cut out felt to make a freakin’ heart basket, forget it.


I had the perfect amount of red and white felt to make three baskets. By the time I figured how to cut the darn thing outright, there was enough for one. We watched, and read the directions at least 20 times before I figured it out.

My hat is off to you fellow crafters. You make it look so easy. One of these days, I may upload a video of us doing a project, to give you an honest behind the scenes look. There is plenty of cursing and tears, that’s usually the girls’ clue to leave the room.

Papa, on the other hand, just needs to look at something and can make it. He doesn’t even need a pattern. I think the next time I do plan a craft, I will wait for when he is home. 🙂

CraftSanity On TV: Valentine’s Day Woven Felt Heart Video Tutorial

Peace for the journey.




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