Week In The Life (“Remember what the dormouse said”)

Got to love Indiana weather. One day it snows with temperatures in the 20s, then the snow melts with temperatures reaching the 60s, then it snows again with temps back down to the 30s. Oh, and not to mention that this was all in a matter of just a few days.

At least we were able to take advantage of the beautiful weather outdoors before cooler temps moved in.


Language Arts

Reading: We read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Magic Tree House, Abe Lincoln, at Last, Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett, and Punctuation.

I can honestly say both girls loved The Adventures of Alice In Wonderland. (Sometimes it does happen.) We read while listening to the dramatic version. ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Lewis Carroll – complete audio-book – dramatic version – (YouTube)

Reading along with audio-books, not only helps enhanced our reads, but are wonderful examples of how to read well, and sometimes not so well.

I am counting the dramatic reads as part of Sky’s Theater Appreciation. (Though on a high school transcript, you only want to list an item once. So, I will have a list of books Sky read each year for Language Arts credits. Then explain in the Theater App. course description how we used dramatic audio-books.)

The story: Fritz and the beautiful horses was one of Sky’s favorite stories when she was little. We read it as an example of how The Ugly Duckling story has influenced lots of other stories.

Writing: The girls wrote their book review for Ella Enchanted.

Handwriting: The girls copied the poem, The Crocodile by Lewis Carroll in cursive.




The girls warmed up at XtraMath and worked in their workbooks. Little Sis is multiplying with 3 digits now.




World/Geography: We watched Downton Abbey. The girls thought it was neat, that the kids Molesley was teaching were learning about the English Civil War, and that they knew what it was about (trails everywhere). We also watched PBS Nature Documentary Legendary White Stallions – YouTube, and Disney’s Miracle of the White Stallions.


I printed a page off, and the girls came up with notes to add to their timeline.


This tradition has been going on since the Baroque period.

American: We watched the finale of Mercy Street. I think this is the first PBS series both girls have both been very interested in.

We went to a Civil War reenactment at Spring Mill state park. We took advantage of Little Sis’ 4th grade, every kid in a park, pass and got in for free.











Fine Arts

Drawing: We learned how to draw Disney’s Alice – Dramatic Parrot, YouTube.


Sky sketched this picture freehand while waiting for me to write their notes, from the Lipizzaner stallions, on the board.


Theater Appreciation (Small screen): We watched Great Performances: Alice in Wonderland (1983) – YouTube. We all agreed that last week’s junior performance we attended was much better than this version. The readers did a better job in our dramatic reading than some of the actings in this “Great Performance” episode. I liked that they were trying to keep the set, and costumes like the original illustrations, but some of the actings were just horrible. I think Storybook Theater has spoiled us.


The girls did Yoga Walk.

Extra Curricular Activities

The girls attended the teen reading club. This week’s theme was about dragons. The only dragons the girls know about, besides Smaug, is from the Game of Thrones series. Of course, since this is an adult series they couldn’t talk about it. Which brings me to one of our homeschooling problems, finding activities where the girls fit in.

Homeschool gym is great, though they have friends there, and discuss interests, they don’t need to discuss certain topics in depth. They are able to play and have fun.

When in a reading club, you must discuss books. The girls are not limited to certain “types” of books. They have no “subject” restrictions. They read what they feel they are mature enough for. The girls are able to talk to Papa or me about anything. There is no need for them to sneak, or hide anything from us.

They hide their eyes from certain parts in Game of Thrones, because they, themselves do not want to watch it, not because I tell them to. The girls are not toddlers any longer, they know about the facts of life. They know about the world that they have been born into.

We have discovered there are two types of kids the girls will find themselves around. Kids that are being raised under certain beliefs, and their parents do not want them to know about certain subjects (Which is fine, I mean true socialization is learning how to interact with all types of people. However our beliefs are not so openly accepted in these types of crowds.),  or kids that lack parental guidance and have no manners. This makes it very difficult to find activities for them to join in with.

I think back to my childhood best friends, and how we were the “outcasts” of the “cliques”. The reason we fit in so well with each other, was because we didn’t fit in anywhere else. We were all nerds, intellects, that didn’t fit the “get drunk and party” crowd, and were accepting of each other’s quirks. I may rebel against “society’s rules”, but I didn’t feel the need to rebel against my parents (unless the two crossed, think of Darlene from Rosanne).

I guess we will just need to keep looking. It wouldn’t be so darn hard if I didn’t need to check off the extracurricular activities box for college.

Anyways, peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “Week In The Life (“Remember what the dormouse said”)”

  1. Megan Says:

    Do you really have to check off an extra curricular box in Indiana? Do you have to keep grades and all that? Just wondering. We don’t fit into many homeschooling groups around here either. Well I think my kids are fine bc they are still young and innocent but I don’t fit in. Oh well. I am happy I have 5 kids that can entertain each other and I do not have to search out activities. I hate scheduling anyways…and people are always cancelling! So annoying. I’ve given up.

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      No, we do not need to check the boxes, or keep grades for Indiana laws. However, that is what the colleges want to see on transcripts. Indiana is a great place to homeschool, we only need to keep attendance records for 180 days of instruction. It’s the college’s ass I need to kiss. 🙂

      Yes, finding groups has been our biggest struggle. The girls’ either need to hide who they are, or be around children with no manners. They had a huge wake up call while attending a group with public school children. The teens were cussing, which doesn’t bother them, but they were talking about who they wanted to f**k, and how their parents are assholes. Sky told me, “If these are the kids you want me to “socialize” with, you can forget it. 🙂

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