Week In The Life (Down The Rabbit Hole)

Happy Spring! Hope everyone had a good Easter, or spring celebrations.


Winter seemed to go by really fast this year; maybe, because it didn’t feel much like winter. We still have half of our wood leftover. Usually, when temperatures start to drop, I feel like hibernating. We have been so busy this year, time really flew.

Well, we are officially on spring break for the next two weeks. WooHoo!

It really couldn’t have come soon enough; we really need a break. Though we will be off from homeschooling, I will be busy spring cleaning. I don’t want summer sneaking up on me like last year finding the girls without shorts to wear.

I am also hoping to finally finish A Dance with Dragons. I am a little over 60%, or 700 pages, of the way through. I am finally caught up on where Feast of Crows ended. This story has been a bit slow for me to read because two of my favorite characters are not in it. I think I am also procrastinating because the next book in the series has not been released yet.


I was really hoping to be done with our study of Austria before our break. We are oh so close, but we just couldn’t swing it. So, we will wrap it up when we come back.

Though, I am still pretty happy with where we are in our lessons. Once we are all caught up in Austria, we are ready to move on to France, and the French revolution for world history and geography. The Mercy Street series has set us up to start our lessons on the civil war in American history, and we will continue exploring fairy-tales for language arts. I will also be adding in grammar lessons.

Language Arts:


We finished reading Splintered by A.G. Howard. The girls enjoyed the first half of the story; Sky really liked the psychological part of the plot, but they both thought the second half of the story really dragged and was disappointed. “Why does it always seem like all the female heroines are tomboys? Where are the girly heroines?”

I agree with them. I found myself again remembering why I don’t care for YA literature. Neither child wants to finish this series.

We also finished Poison Apples. Sky had to explain to me what the Human Centipede reference was. I am glad we read this book of poems. They created quite a lot of discussion, though I would have been fine not learning about human centipedes.


The girls wrote their reviews for the story Cinder.


World/ Geography

I read about Marie Antoinette from the book Live of Extraordinary Women.

We listened to a Marie Antoinette (“Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga)Video by history teachers on Youtube. The girls came up with notes about her and added them to their timeline.


We watched the Documentary: The Vienna of Maria Theresa – YouTube, and the girls came up with notes to add to their timeline notebook.


We also watched some of the girls favorite Easter movies.


The girls did the 1-mile walk with yoga practice.


We played our usual amount of games,


and the girls enjoyed some new gifts.


(Little Sis)

This week we met up with our local chapter of Navigators USA.


They are a secular version of Girl and Boy Scouts combined (created by two Boy Scouts that didn’t like the way the scouts were heading). Navigators encourage the whole family to participate in activities together. The girls already know a few of the children from homeschooling gym, so my fingers are crossed this group will fill in our extracurricular activities box.

Now to put our school week to bed, and give my brain a well-earned break. 🙂

Peace for the journey.


4 Responses to “Week In The Life (Down The Rabbit Hole)”

  1. jess Says:

    Good timing on my part this time.. I’m on a Marie Antoinette kick myself. Just watched the movie with Kerstin dunst. Very good! Love you guys!! Xoxo

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      I was wondering if the movie was worth a watch, I’ve heard mixed reviews. I will need to add it now. I can’t believe there hasn’t been more movies or documentaries about her.

      Love you too.

      • jess Says:

        It was definitely a good movie in my opinion. Not everything is exactly as it was in history such as, they do not behead her at the end.. they go away and let you make your own opinion but if you know the history you know what happens anyway. It was a very good “now day” version. Fun music and a good story line showing how it was then.

      • dkjsv05 Says:

        Yes, I kind of figured, but V loves her style. So, now with your added opinion, I think we will watch it for some fashion history. 🙂

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