Week In The Life (“If I Only Had A Brain”)

Well, I have found myself yet again, another year older. I had a pretty good birthday, with the exception of Mother Nature sending a tornado warning storm that had us hunkered down in our neighbors basement (Got to love having great neighbors 🙂 ). It all turned out good though in the end, besides being a year older that is.

As I age, I have began to realize how I really took being younger for granted. I didn’t realize I would need to spend so much time around doctors. Between Papa, myself, and the girls, it seems we are always needing to be at some kind of doctor’s office every month. Next week, Papa and I each have an appointment scheduled on the same day, at two different places. I guess, I just didn’t realize that once I turned 40, I would be so acquainted with our doctors, and their staff. I am thankful at least, we are able to do so.We will soon find out if all our dietary changes have helped bring down Papa’s triglycerides, and cholesterol.

Papa, doesn’t like eating oatmeal for breakfast, which has pretty much became our breakfast staple around here. So, I have come up with new ways of sneaking oats, and flax meal into our meals.

I love brownie oatmeal. I have found as I’ve aged, my craving for chocolate has intensified. I’m sure it’s because I need to increase my magnesium consumption.

Anyways, basically you fix oatmeal like you would normally; we fix ours stove-top. While the oats rest I add in 1 TBSP of flax meal per serving. Sweeten, according to taste, then stir in 1-2 over-flowing teaspoons of baking cocoa, and add 1 tsp. mini chocolate chips to the top (per serving), done.

Papa, actually really likes the granola Little Sis and I’ve been making. I’ve been adding flax meal in along with the regular ingredients. He also loves the vegan, gluten free carrot cake muffins (posted a few weeks ago), vegan, gluten-free banana bread,


Vegan + Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Banana Bread

and gluten-free peanut butter brownies (can easily be made vegan) .

Skinny Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies.


With berries soon in season, I will add overnight oats to the menu.

These have all been easy, and delicious ways to add flax meal, and oats into our diet. I substitute unsweetened applesauce for the oil, and usually use maple syrup as our sweetener. I’ve loved the challenge of substituting flax meal for eggs. Next, I am going to try making cookies. 🙂

We have actually had several discussions this week about nutrition for Sky’s health credit.


Language Arts


We read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

I am more of a fan of the book series, and the Return to Oz movie than the musical. I think everyone did an amazing job with the original musical, don’t get me wrong. I mean, the actress that played the wicked witch, defined wickedness in my opinion. I just prefer the more darker tone of the series. Little Sis on the other hand, thinks the series is boring, and prefers the musical.

We started The Scarlet Pimpernel to count toward Sky’s world literature credit. She almost has her British Literature credit completed, she just needs to add in some medieval literature. Unfortunately, the Game of Thrones series only counts toward leisure reading.

Speaking of leisure reading, I finished The Raven King. I am lost as to what to read now. The Raven Cycle, in my opinion, is a wonderful example of great YA writing. Maggie Stiefvater did an amazing job writing memorable characters. This series will stick with me for a long time.

We also listened to the fairy-tale: Puss in Boots at Storynory.


We discussed, and the girls copied the first half of the poem: If by Rudyard Kipling.




We finished Grammarland, and I read about conjunctions from the Basher Grammar book. We also watched the Schoolhouse Rock video-YouTube.

We discussed the Greek prefix homo, and homographs, thanks to this week’s poem.


We also watched the Ted-ED videos: How to use a semicolon, and When to use an Apostrophe -YouTube.

Vocabulary words:

stoop, knave, aristocrat, sallies



The girls warmed up at XtraMath, and continued working in their workbooks.



We read May’s issue of Science in the News A-Z. The girls actually had already performed a surface tension experiment, and have made their own bubbles,so they were familiar with this month’s topics.

pictures 2189

pictures 1689

It always makes me feel good when moments like these occur. Or, when we are at some kind of science fair, and the girls understand, or can answer questions about the topics being covered. It reassures me that we are on track.

Another topic in this month’s issue was about plant eating spiders; this also fit in perfectly with our nutrition lessons.



We watched: Why we eat the way we eat: Dr. Scott Kahan at TEDxManhattan – YouTube

Then, we watched Bill Nye’s episode on Nutrition (for Little Sis’s benefit). This episode can be found on YouTube, but it is not currently available on Netflix.

We watched: Crash Course A&P parts 1 and 2 on Metabolism & Nutrition, and Ted-Ed videos What is fat?, How do carbohydrates impact your health?, and What is a calorie? – all found on YouTube.

After watching these videos, we had lots of discussions. It just so happened that we received our weekly grocery circular in the mail. I had the girls look at the foods on sale, and then had them pick out which ones were actually good nutritious food choices. The only one they found was cheese. I explained how this was one reason why so many poor people are malnourished.


The girls had homeschool gym, and thanks to lots of rain, they practiced yoga.


World/ Geography:

This week we learned about French King Louis the 14th. We read, and listened along to the chapters about him from: French History for English Children.



Indiana had their primary this week. This election, is going to be very interesting.


We took a small detour and watched a PBS American Masters documentary about one of my favorite singers: Janis Joplin.

The Arts

Theater Appreciation


We attended the full musical production of The Wizard of Oz  (with a living Toto).


Small Screen:

We watched Fairy-tale theater’s Puss in Boots.


In honor of going to see the live-action version of The Jungle Book this weekend, we made Mowgli and Baloo (Dramatic Parrot- YouTube).


On a side note, we watched The Peanuts movie, and we all really enjoyed it. They did a really good job with the story.

My brain feels like I am missing something, then again it always feels that way.

Peace for the journey.


One Response to “Week In The Life (“If I Only Had A Brain”)”

  1. redheadmom8 Says:

    We did The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as a read-aloud, too. We really enjoyed it, and we also really like the movie. I had every single word in that movie memorized when I was a kid. 🙂

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