Week In The Life (Not, Taking Its Toll)


I did this crazy thing last year while recovering from back surgery, I added boards on Pinterest for every subject Sky will need credits for to graduate. Then, I added tons of resources for each one, more than I will ever be able to use. In other words, I have high school pretty much planned out. So, what am I now to do with all this free time on my hands? Read, of course.

I do want to say something about homeschooling high school, especially to those that might be new to homeschooling. I absolutely love it!

I will not lie though, it scared the crap out of me, still kind off does. It did take me a while to figure it out, but now our days flow really well.

In all honest truth, I think the hardest part about homeschooling, besides finding your groove, is getting younger children to cooperate. I promise you, it does get easier as they get older.

I love having the in-depth conversations that Sky and I have. All those learning trails we followed and allowing her the space to come to her own conclusions have really paid off. She is such a deep-thinking young lady.

Reading through, that is what I wanted to write about.

I finished Frog Music by Emma Donoghue. I enjoyed it alright. It is based on the real murder of Jenny Bonnet, a cross-dressing woman from San Francisco during the late 1800s. I didn’t care too much for the protagonist, I just couldn’t relate to her at all. I did love the historical setting of the novel though and think it was worth the read, just for that reason alone.

Then, I read the Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. This novel literally left me speechless. I read it in two days because I could not put it down. Jackson’s writing is hypnotizing, absolutely beautiful. This novel, now holds second place, under Frankenstein, on my top 5 favorite books list. There are very few books, that I want to read over and over, this is, by far, one of those books.

I loved this story so much, that I had to buy the ’63 movie version. I can’t wait to watch it this weekend with the girls, and I am happy to add it to our Halloween movie collection.

So, this leads me to a haunted house, reading kick. I am already halfway through The Shining by King. I’m not really sure why I’ve never read this one before, but I am really enjoying it (I have not seen the movie). I’ve already read: The House by Bentley Little, and The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson, any other recommendations?


We ditched reading the Gregor series. None of us was in the mood for another “go on a quest” type of story. I have a problem with adult authors that try to write  “21st-century” child characters. I understand exactly how Little Sis feels about books “talking down” to you. It insults our intelligence.

So, we are reading, and enjoying,  The Phantom Tollbooth instead.


The girls continued working in their English and mathematics workbooks.


We practiced Yoga, and the girls have made several of the cakes now from the mug cake recipe book. My favorite, so far, is the strawberry shortcake.

For father’s day, the girls surprised Papa with chocolate cupcakes.


They found the recipe online for the cupcakes, the icing, and baked them all by themselves. They were delicious.

We watched: Beauty and the Beast (With Some Jerk with a Camera!) – Brows Held High – YouTube. This was a wonderful critic of the differences between Cocteau’s and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Again, they do use some profanity, so use your own judgment.

The girls have had a friend over for the majority of the week, so not too many individual projects have been started as of yet. Not a bad start though.

Peace for the journey.


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