Week(s) In The Life (“Just Keep Swimming” *)

So, why does our family need to have a lighter summer homeschooling schedule?  Because, we are SO freaking busy, that’s why.

I think I am just going to jump right in, like when first arriving at a swimming pool, and see where my brain takes me.

I think I will start with reading since that is what much of my last post was about.

Language Arts


For starters, we finished reading The Phantom Tollbooth. Both of the girls really enjoyed this one a lot. Then, we read Through the Looking Glass.

The girls really liked Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Through the Looking Glass, not so much. I can kind of see why Disney combined the two stories for the animated movie, taking the best from both. We have yet to see Burton’s version of Through the Looking Glass.

I finished reading both The Shining and its sequel Doctor Sleep. I actually enjoyed Doctor Sleep better. I am reading Mudwoman by Joyce Carol Oates now.

Reading The Shining, lead us to watch the movie. Sky enjoyed it for its artistic atmosphere. I agree with Stephen King though, that it was a horrible adaptation of the book. I think the movie had every horror movie cliche possible, and I didn’t even find it scary.

We did, however, enjoy the Nostalgia Critic’s review of Stephen King’s Miniseries of the same movie. (YouTube)

Since on the subject of films, we also watched the new Poltergeist movie, which we didn’t care too much for either. Sky did really like the movie of the Haunting though.



Theater Appreciation

Small Screen:

We watched The Shirley Temple Show: The Little Mermaid. (YouTube)



Our local PBS station is airing a 4 part series, Hoosiers: The Story of Indiana, that we have been enjoying.

Science/ Health and Nutrition/ Culinary Arts:

Food! Where to even begin. I guess I will start with the foods of summer.

We harvested our crop of garlic and have it curing.


We also have started harvesting some of our broccoli.


So far, everything is doing really good. If I am reading our plants right, we will soon have tomatoes growing out of our ears. Which is a good thing, because last year we didn’t get a very good crop, from all the rain we had. Which means, I didn’t get to jar much tomato sauce.

Speaking of food that is coming out of our ears,


I bet you thought it was going to be corn. Well, that will be soon, very soon.

Anyway, for now, it’s peaches.

We made jam,


and peach crisp with pecans.


Peach Pecan Crisp.

(I did cut the sugar and butter from the recipe in half.)

Perfect timing for the 4th of July, where it rained and spoiled our local fireworks, but it did not stop the people on our street from having a dueling show.


We just sat back and enjoyed. 🙂

Peaches, I was writing about peaches. After the crisp and jam, we still had plenty left to freeze for smoothies come winter, or crisper.


I’ve been adding the pecans to our granola; I’ve been adding my new favorite egg substitute, chia seeds too. I also lowered the fat in the recipe, from Feeding the Whole Family, by using half the butter and using applesauce instead.

Little Sis used the recipe from her vegetarian cookbook, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian, to make vegan pancakes, with chia seed eggs. They are now my favorite go-to pancake recipe. We were excited to discover that the author has a blog too.


I have been mixing King Arthur’s unbleached flour with their white wheat flour to add more fiber to Papa’s diet. No one has even noticed the difference. 🙂

Moving on to blueberries.


The freezer is stocked. We also made Vegan blueberry flax muffins, they are gluten-free too (I love using oat flour).


We used our local maple syrup as a sweetener, and they were delicious.

Vegan Blueberry Flax Breakfast Muffins


I purchased 3-month swimming passes from one of our local park’s indoor swimming pools, and I have not been able to keep the girls away. Today, is actually the first day we have not been swimming all week, and that’s because they have a friend over.


Come evening, we pretty much have the pool to ourselves; perfect for me to get in a few laps, which has been great for strengthening my back.

We also took advantage of a few beautiful days at the park and walking the trails.




Believe it or not, Sky has even managed to sneak in some drawing time.


Well, I think that about does it. I guess if I miss any more weeks of posting, you can probably guess where we will be.

Peace for the journey.

*Finding Nemo.


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