A Week In The Life (Hoosier Hospitality)

I really miss writing my blog on Fridays. That usually was our free day, and I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to write about.

Like most writers, I carry a lot of information around inside my mind, and I need to write it out or I will dwell on it to death. My insomnia has gotten worse since perimenopause, so I don’t need added thoughts lingering around in my mind. Writing my blog on Friday, also allowed for me to put our school week, along with any other thoughts, to bed.

Now, we go swimming on Fridays, which we enjoy very much, but leaves me no time for writing. The weekends are busy catching up with Papa, and I have a hard time writing on Monday, because my brain has switched over to a whole new week, and I’ve forgotten everything I wanted to write about (because I needed to put all my focus on the new week).

I like keeping a blog for several reasons. One, it helps me to stay focused or holds me accountable. What did we do all week? Well, I’ll show you.

This also helps me to see if we are doing enough and points out any weaknesses. Every year, when I look at past posts, I am constantly amazed at how much we accomplish. I also like the idea, especially when we first started out homeschooling, of having a record of our lessons if ever the need should arise. Before WordPress, I used Myspace (does that give away how long I’ve been homeschooling. 🙂 ).

Two, I will be using my blog posts to write Sky’s transcript. Since I’ve chosen to educate Sky differently than traditional school (because I can never do anything that is “normal”), I need to keep track of what she has completed giving her credits.

So in other words, not writing, is not an option. I’m sure I will figure something out, I usually do.

Did I mention Little Sis starts cheer practice this week?

In other news, we harvested the rest of our garden. We actually had to go buy more Ball jars to hold all our tomato sauce. I think we had a good year. Honestly, though, I am kind of glad it is all coming to an end (with the exception of apples, and pumpkins); I am ready to reap the rewards.


Language Arts


We are still reading: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, and are really enjoying it. Sky loves her writing. “I can visually see everything she is writing about. I also like how real the characters are.” I really wish I waited to read the Raven Cycle with them; maybe we can fit it in next summer. I don’t mind reading them again.

Sky has been writing and illustrating her own story. Using mythology, it is about a fallen angel.

As for myself, I finished: At the Water’s Edge by by Sara Gruen. I really liked this book. It kept my interest, and I was truly interested in the characters. I love historical fiction anyway. If the plot line doesn’t hold my interest so much (kind of like Frog Music), the historical aspects usually keep me reading. This story was a win, win.

I wish I could say the same for Nightwoods by Charles Frazier. I will say, this is my first time reading Frazier; I have not read, nor seen Cold Mountain.

Okay, I am all for beautifully written prose; one of the reasons why I like Maggie Stiefvater’s writing. However, when it takes two pages to explain tomatoes, or a tree, or anything that is not relevant to the plot development, my mind wonders. I caught myself several times watching television instead of reading the book. I literally had to force myself to finish it, because it was under 300 pages and I was already halfway through the book; it was not worth it. I was so disappointed with the ending. The characters were bland, everything was bland, except the prose. I don’t know if I want to give Cold Mountain a try. My “to be read” list, is already longer than my lifespan. 🙂

I am reading Circling the Sun by Paula McLain now.



(Yes, this is the same photo as last week. Well, because nothing changed.)


We finished chapter four of The Way We Work. Sky took a test on the digestive system, and everyone is glad to be done with that. 🙂


(Using What’s Inside You for Little Sis)

We watched:

The Digestive System (National Geographic 5 mins video) from Inside the Human Body- YouTube

Why Is My Poop Green?, and What’s the Best Position for Pooping? from SciShow- YouTube.

Yes, we went there.


Besides swimming, the girls had homeschool gym.


(Little Sis’s team deciding where to hide the flag, for capture the flag.)

American History/ Geography:

We watched: Indiana Weekend – Episode 20 “Hoosier Roadtrips” – YouTube

Then, in honor of it being Benjamin Harrison’s birthday, they gave free tours of his home and birthday cake.





(Photo of Harrison by T.C. Steele)


We also watched Disney’s Frozen and The Nanny movies(because I am on a Bette Davis kick).

Peace for the journey.


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