A Week In The Life (Give Me A.. T)

T for tornadoes.

Indiana was hit hard this week, we had 5 tornadoes touch down pretty much all at the same time in different places spread out through our state. If that wasn’t enough, we were awoken by the sound of sirens going off yet again the next morning; thankfully, no tornadoes this time, but major flooding instead. It was crazy, and lots of homes and businesses were destroyed, but no deaths; if you’ve seen any footage, that is an amazing thing.

Besides being a stormy week, we did manage to add a bit more lessons into our days. Especially, now that our garden is about done. As Sky likes to say:”winter is coming”. So that means, so are more lessons. 🙂

Little Sis started her own blog this week, which I will write more about under language arts, and inspired me to want to write my first monthly book wrap-up for the month of August. There really is so much more to me than being a homeschooling mom.

It is kind of funny though while helping Little Sis edit her blog posts, I discovered we really do have a lot more in common than what I thought. She writes a lot like I do, and loves lists, even though her interests differ from mine. I can write all day about books the same way she can write about makeup, and how Sky can talk about movies (Maybe, she should start her own YouTube channel.).

Anyway, I read 6 books in the month of August, well one I will have finished before the beginning of September; I’m halfway through it as of now.

I read Rebecca by  Daphne du Maurier, Horns by Joe Hill, Room by Emma Donoghue, At The Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen, Nightwoods by Charles Frazier, and Circling the Sun by Paula McLain (at least I am far enough to know how I feel about this book).

I’ve already written details about what I thought of each of these books in other posts from this month, so I won’t really go into a whole lot more here. I will say which ones were my favorites though if you could not already guess.

I do like to shake up my reading by choosing books from different authors and genres. I like to glean from various writing styles. You can learn from all of them, even if they are bad. I do tend to stay far away from romance though. It’s just not me.

So, my favorites books from the month are Rebecca and Room. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy both of these stories, I thought the writing was brilliant. These are not just my favorite August reads, but will most likely be added to my favorites list from the year, as well as to my all time favorite reads list. It will be interesting to read Room again farther down the road, to see if the writing will still hold up for me over time.

In second place is: At the Water’s Edge, and Circling the Sun. Both of these stories are really good, and I have enjoyed learning about Beryl Markham. I probably will not read them again, but I am interested in reading more from these authors. I do recommend them.

Lastly is Horns and Nightwoods. I really don’t want to write more negative complaints about these stories. I didn’t like them, some people might. Unless you can really tell someone didn’t give their best effort (I have read books like this before too), I don’t like to put other people’s work down (if you don’t like 50 Shades of Grey, then don’t read it). These authors worked hard on these stories, their writing style just isn’t for me.


Language Arts


Yes, we are still reading: The Scorpio Races. We also read: What Are the Summer Olympics? This was a really good summary of the history of the Summer Olympic games. I actually learned a lot from it.



I mentioned Little Sis’s blog up above. She asked me if I would help her start one, and I said sure. It’s called Glitter N Glam and is all about Little Sis’s favorite things. She takes all the pictures and writes it all herself. I just help with minor editing.


So here is the thing, a lot of parents ask: “How can I get my child to write?”. The number one answer is to not make them.

Writing does not become that important until high school. Then, they will need to learn how to write essays. Until then, let them write about whatever they want.

Sky writes fan fiction, and she leaves comments on YouTube videos. Before that, the girls played Animal Jam and Minecraft. At some point, there will come a time when they will want to know how to write, especially if they want to text. That is when you pull out your resources on grammar and punctuation. That is when you help them learn how to write.

One of the things that I have learned as a homeschooling mom is spelling will either come naturally or not. We have done spelling tests, I add subtitles on the television, and we read a lot. I have one excellent speller, and one not so much, regardless of what I do. However, by letting the one use the computer or tablet to look up words on her own because *she* really wants to learn, has helped a lot. She wants to go to college, she understands what she needs to do to get there. I don’t need to push her. I need to help her find what way works best for her.

I am better at expressing myself through writing, writing comes naturally to me. I have one child that is better expressing herself orally. Only society has chosen one to be the superior. Expecting everyone to be good at everything will eventually take its toll. I mean, even presidents need speech writers.

Health/ Nutrition

We watched and discussed: How the food you eat affects your brain – Mia Nacamulli…TED-Ed~ YouTube,

The Five Food Groups- SicShow Kids~ YouTube,

The Deal with Carbs – SciShow~ YouTube,

The Deal with Protein – SciShow~ YouTube,

and What Makes Muscles Grow- TED-Ed~ YouTube.


Besides swimming, which we had to cut short because of the storms, Little Sis started Cheer this week. She really likes it a lot. This is not a homeschooling league. The schoolgirls in her division do not even know she is homeschooled.

History/ Geography


I printed off Indiana cover sheets for their American history timeline notebooks,



and a color page of President Benjamin Harrison.


We watched two short videos about him, and the girls added notes.

Disney The American Presidents: Benjamin Harrison – YouTube,

and #23 Benjamin Harrison YouTube.

We also watched: Geography Now! Brazil – YouTube.

The Arts

We watched Disney’s animated movie: Snow White,

and Sky is illustrating a version of Little Red Riding Hood.



Hoping for a less stormy week.

Peace for the journey.


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