A Week In The Life (Get Out)

What a crazy busy week we’ve had.

I guess for starters, I can’t remember if I had already posted this, we’ve put our garden to bed for the winter. I was able to get 10 more jars of tomato sauce out of our crop, and know we will have plenty to use throughout the year. I am also glad to have an abundant supply of blueberries this year, to use to make muffins and pancakes. Usually, we only have enough for smoothies. I love adding blueberries to my vegan, gluten-free banana bread, to shake things up once in awhile.

It is kind of weird how once September hits, it’s all about pumpkin. Right now, I am all about apples. We have already been to the orchard several times. I would have made apple crisp over the holiday weekend, but I didn’t have time. This week is just as booked, so I guess it will need to wait until the weekend.

Our state has really stepped it up with homeschooling activities. Where it was once like trying to find a needle in a haystack for activities, now we actually need to figure out how to squeeze in our lessons at home.

Earlier in the week, I took the girls and a friend to the homeschool day at our interactive history museum. I couldn’t believe how many homeschoolers were there. If that wasn’t surprising enough, while at Benjamin Harrison’s house, the president reenactor asked the girls what school they went to. Both girls replied simultaneously, that they were homeschooled. He said: how great that was, and how he has gotten to know many homeschoolers from programs they host at the home; a long way from: “What about socialization?”. Even the girls from Little Sis’s cheerleading practice were all like: “really?”. They couldn’t believe it.

I guess corporations are finally beginning to take notice that there is money to be made off of homeschooling. 🙂


Language Arts


Besides the fact we are still reading The Scorpio Races, we read The Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon.

I really wasn’t planning on staying in Brazil this long, but I am like: since we are here, I might as well toss in some lessons on rainforests for Little Sis.

I finished reading: Circling the Sun by Paula McLain. It was good. I didn’t really care for the whole love triangle plot-line, but since it was historical fiction, I found it entertaining enough. I learned a lot about a forgotten historical figure, that pushed barriers before it became a thing.

I am reading: The Boys From Brazil by Ira Levin now, because after reading about a strong, plays by her own rules type of heroine, Nazis, and cloning sounded interesting.


Besides the usual, I thought it was time for a new Wii game.


Fortune Street, is a little like the game Monopoly, with the addition of buying and selling stocks, playing the stock market, and building up the equity in your property purchases. In other words, lots of living math. This isn’t a fast-paced game, just like the board game Monopoly isn’t. You can save it to play later if needed. We are gamers, so long games don’t bother us. This isn’t Mario Party either. It is basically a board game made into a video game, but we love it. It is a perfect addition to our collection.



We discussed, and watched:

Vitamins and Minerals by Nancy O’Sullivan- YouTube

10 surprising chemicals your body makes~SciShow

5 Chemicals That Are in (Almost) Everything You Eat…SciShow

Are Multivitamins Really Good For You? ~ SciShow – YouTube


Swimming, Little Sis’s cheerleading practice,


and bowling.


A bowling alley nearby was running a dollar per game special, so Papa and I decided to take the girls. We ended up bowling 6 games. The girls had a lot of fun, and can’t wait to do it again.


World/ Geography:

We watched: Apartheid Explained: Global History Review ~from Hip Hughes History-YouTube

The summer Olympics book we read touched briefly on Apartheid, so I decided that an explanation might help the girls understand exactly what that meant.

I also printed off some sheets on South America, and Rainforests for the girls to add to their history timeline binders.


We watched: Exploring life within each of the Rainforest layers -YouTube

Why is biodiversity so important? TedEd-YouTube.


I mentioned a visit to our local living history museum.


The Arts

Theater Appreciation (Stage):

We went to see a production of Romeo and Juliet.


I was proud of Sky, Papa asked her if she knew how the play ended. Of course, she should know, because we have already covered it. Well, Sky explained to him what happens, and I was the one that couldn’t remember if Romeo stabbed himself or if it was Juliet; Sky said: “Mom, Romeo went to the apothecary and purchased the poison. The apothecary was one of my vocabulary words that you gave me.”. That is how you know if your child is learning, without the need for tests. 🙂

We also watched: Disney’s Watcher in the Woods. This was one of my favorite movies as a child. It is funny how we remember things differently when we are children. I can’t believe how horrible the acting was. This movie is one that could actually stand to be remade. The family was extremely disappointed with the ending. I guess we will not be adding it to our movie collection anytime soon.

Peace for the journey.


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