A Week In The Life (“Here Comes The Rain Again”*)

Trying to start this post, without sounding like a broken record. Does anyone even understand the symbolism of what a broken record means anymore? Yeah, my age is beginning to show. I do however, think I am beginning to get the feel of our new normal. I have never been a: fly by the seat of your pants, type of gal.

When I first started out homeschooling, I needed to have every minor detail planned out. I was a very rigid person. (I have since discovered, that it is just part of my personality, made worse by a very chaotic childhood.) I quickly found myself burned out everyday. Bumping heads with a very energetic daughter became excruciatingly tiresome, and led to many nights of the both of us in tears. I knew something needed to change.

The beginnings of homeschooling, kind of remind me of that first year of marriage. You need to work out all those kinks, before you can start working together. Since, I am not one to force change onto others, I needed to understand the workings of my child first; I needed to step inside of her head.

This literally, changed everything. I stopped listening to outside advice on how to educate my child, and started listening to my child. I mean, after all it is her life, not mine. I think this has to be one of the hardest concepts of parenting to learn, it was for me anyway.

In order for our homeschooling to be considered successful though, my daughter needed to understand where I was coming from too. One-sided relationships don’t usually work out very well. This, is a continual dance of give and take.

I still need to have a plan. My brain needs to know what it’s going to be doing in order to focus. I have since learned though, how to go more with the flow of things.

So for the time being, I am embracing this new chapter of our lives; one, that finds us more out and about. That’s one of the many awesome things about homeschooling, learning does not need to be contained to the inside of a building.




Language Arts


I was really hoping to have The Scorpio Races finished by now. I can’t believe it has taken us a whole month to read it, but then again, I think that is our average for an almost 500 page book. It took us awhile to read Oliver Twist too. I guess, I am use to finishing a book in about a weeks time. I can’t remember the last time we did read a book that was this long. I mean, we are enjoying it. The girls agree, it is one of the better ones we’ve read this year.

We also read: The Great Kopok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

I should have The Boys From Brazil finished by this weekend.


Little Sis, has been working away on her blog. Her blog, is becoming more popular than mine.





Swimming, Little Sis’s cheerleading practice, and the girls had homeschool gym.



This week was all about fat. We discussed and watched:

What is Obesity-TedED

Obesity ~ SciShow- YouTube

The Science of Fat – Spangler Classic Friday! – YouTube

The Deal with Fat~ SciShow – YouTube

What is Trans Fat? – Everyday Chemistry – YouTube

When You Burn Fat, Where Does it Go?~ SciShow – YouTube



We read The Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Rain Forests.

We discussed some questions,


and I assigned Little Sis to write a report about one of the rain forest’s animals; she chose sloths.

We also read the latest addition of Science in the News A-Z about the telescope Juno.

We watched:Breaking News: There’s an Earth-like Planet Next Door…SciShow Space.


The Arts


I signed Sky up for the free: Comics: Art in Relationship | Kadenze’s on-line course, and she loves it.


Her first assignment is to draw a double page comic spread, about herself.

She will be working her way through the book: Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, and I assigned her first reading: Monstress by Marjorie Liu.


Keeping a blog, has inspired Little Sis into making all kinds of DIY projects.


I am just trying to keep up with the both of them.

We are excited for the next season of Indian Summers to start this weekend; can’t wait to see where this will lead us to next. 🙂

Peace for the journey.

*The Eurythmics


3 Responses to “A Week In The Life (“Here Comes The Rain Again”*)”

  1. mrscdavis13 Says:

    I commend you for understanding that no one knows your child as well as you and her/him. I, myself, am the type to plan everything out. I have to have some form of structure. Mine comes from my mother who always had a plan & to do lists. Although I completely feel indebted to her for teaching me time management at a very early age, I struggle to understand that it’s ok if we don’t get something done today. We follow the Charlotte Mason method and I have noticed a tremendous difference in her desire to learn now that it’s not so much of a in your face type of learning.

    Hope you continue to have success! Best of luck!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thank You.
      I can’t remember the last time we shed tears, in my book, that’s a win.

      It took me awhile to finally be able to let some of the control go. I am the type that needs to over analyze everything before I can make a decision. I need to see the whole picture before I can relax. Unfortunately, homeschooling does not work that way.
      Same to you. 🙂

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