Sloths (Little Sis)

Sloths live in the rain forests of Central and South America. Their skeletons are the same shape as primates, but they walk upside down along the tree branches. Their main diet is plants, but they do eat some insects for protein. Though thought to be non-active mammals, sloths actually only sleep about 9 hours a day. They need a great deal of sunlight to keep their bodies warm like reptiles. Sloths live in the Canopies of the rain forests. Their trees are being cut down for wood. They’re losing their homes. While looking for a new place to to live, they end up in the streets where some don’t make it across. Sloths, are not the only ones living in the rain forests losing their homes. It’s important to make sure we do not destroy the rain forests.




Resource: PBS Nature: A Sloth named Velcro.


2 Responses to “Sloths (Little Sis)”

  1. Julia Goss Says:

    ❤ Loved this little report ! Great job guys !!

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