A Week In The Life (“Sugar, Sugar”*)

This week, we were able to take advantage of being home to squeeze in some lessons. I think all of us needed the break too.

Papa, will get to have his time off this coming week (though, adults never really get time off ). Perfect timing, for getting everything in order for winter: getting wood, planting garlic, and caulking up windows.

I feel like I have so much catching up to do myself. Little Sis is in need of new pants (all of a sudden she has noticed jeans). Then there is, organizing the closets, getting rid of any outgrown clothes, and it’s not just clothes the girls have outgrown (Junie B. Jones, has officially been removed from the bookshelf. Disney movies, are quickly being replaced by Twilight, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and The Shining.); the house is needing an all around deep cleansing.

Not to mention, I need to organize all of Sky’s credits, and her reading list for the completion of 9th grade.

Indiana is weird in that, semesters equal whole credits; which is good I guess, if one would need to transfer midyear. So, I will need to see how many actual credits she already has, even though she has only completed a semester in some classes.

Sometimes, I think that I have made things much harder on myself by us trying to learn everything as a whole; instead of separating lessons into their proper “titles”. I can’t help it. I see everything as connected, and once you see it, you can never not see it.

It seems ridiculous, to learn about the Medieval time period in history, without also learning about writing, art, music, theater, culinary arts, and science. They all connect. One movement, influenced another. Cause and effect.

Maybe, it is just how my brain works, and since the girls are genetically connected to Papa and me, it is how the girls’ brains function too. I mean, it is working, and to me, that’s all that matters.

Here is to hoping, all of my hard work pays off in the end. ūüôā


Language Arts


We finally finished The Scorpio Races by¬†Maggie Stiefvater. All of us, ¬†liked the story a lot. The characters are interesting, and the ending, though could have been predictable, wasn’t; it was very satisfying.

Stiefvater, does an amazing job breaking stereotypes. I think it is because, she, herself, breaks them. I love her writing style. I can see myself, reading this story again. It was that good. It for sure, will be on the girls’ end of the year favorites, my list as well.

I wish, I could say the same about The Boys From Brazil by¬†Ira Levin. I really had to push myself to finish it, because I pretty much knew how it would end. At the time when this novel was written, I can see how the plot twist might have been a bit frightening. I just don’t think the story holds up now.

I am still wanting to see the movie though.¬†Gregory Peck and¬†Laurence Olivier in one movie, yeah, I’m going to watch it.

I am halfway through Carol, or The Price of Salt, by  Patricia Highsmith now. It has been on my TBR list, and I have been waiting for it to become available at the library for awhile.




This week was all about sugar, but first we watched a few more videos on the sun and skincare.

Why do we have to wear sunscreen? – TedED-Kevin P. Boyd – YouTube

Repelling The Rays: The Chemistry of Sunscreen~ Bytesize Science-YouTube.

Where Does Sugar Come From? – SciShow Kids-YouTube

The Spangler Effect – Sugar Science – YouTube

SciShow: Sugar Compilation- YouTube

The Science of Sugar Addiction & The Fifth Taste…SciShow-YouTube

How Does Sugar Affect the Brain TedED-YouTube

The Sugary Truth – The Tremendousness Collective- YouTube

Sugar addiction is not anything new to us. We’ve actually been through it before, when Sky was little. Before Little Sis was born, Papa and I decided we would start making our own sweets instead of buying them at the store (baked goods kill your grocery budget); so I could control how much sugar went into the recipe (I still cut out, at least 1/3 of the amount of sugar from all recipes; most times 1/2.). That is when, we also started replacing sugar with real maple syrup.

We joke about it now, but it is not funny that Sky became furious when we didn’t come home with cookies; she threw a major tantrum. She was use to Pop Tarts, pancakes on a stick, donuts, and cereal for breakfast, on top of the sugary snacks. I don’t care what anyone wants to say, my daughter was suffering from sugar withdraw. Now, there is scientific proof.

I have wrote here before, how I struggle with obesity. I eat my way through stress, and dealing with depression, and not getting proper exercise didn’t help. Thank goodness, it was my overeating, and not an addiction to sugar that was killing me (literally).

We have made huge changes in the way we eat, and we move a lot more now. Little Sis becoming a vegetarian, probably saved Papa and me. Now when I feel stressed and want a snack, I air-pop a bowl of popcorn. I don’t even pop it on top of the stove anymore. Sometimes though, chocolate will only do.

I still have a ways to go, watching my proportions and exercising are not quick fixes; but I am determined. ūüôā



We watched PBS Nature: A Sloth Named Velcro, and Little Sis wrote her report. Both in cursive,


and typed on my blog.

We also watched: Bytesize Science: A new weapon in the chemical arsenal of Amazonian poison frogs- YouTube.



World/ Geography

We watched PBS Masterpiece Theater: Indian Summers.

We also watched: BBC Planet Earth: episode Jungles -Netflix

BBC Human Planet: episode Jungles-Netflix

We read: The Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Soccer.


The Arts


Sky finished her first assignment from her on-line comics course.


Her next assignment, is to make a diary from the week incorporating comics language that she learned from the class.

This class, has inspired her to work on her own story (Warning, there is nudity in some of her drawings.).



If you couldn’t tell, Gustav Klimt is one of her favorite artists.


After all my talk about sugar, the girls made November cakes from the novel: The Scorpio Races. It was a wonderful finish to the book.



They were delicious. Even in this recipe, we were able to cut 1/3 of the fat, sodium, and sugar out. They were still plenty sweet.

They taste even better the next day.

Let’s see, Sky is on chapter 2 of Monstress , Little Sis had cheerleading practice and wrote several posts for her blog, and we watched the animated movie Rio.

We will be off for fall break these next two weeks,

peace for the journey.

*Sugar Sugar The Archies



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