Week In The Life (It’s All Greek To Me)

What a week it has been in America. We could have easily spent the week discussing current events, but there was a birthday to plan.

Besides, unless certain members of this country are ready to grow up, and start having real conversations about the mess we are in, it’s all just a bunch of pointless noise. I for one, have better ways to spend my time (like the release of a new Green Day album, for one.)

Mama’s reads:

I finished: The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer. I’m just not a fan of this story. The prose is beautifully written, the plot fell through though. Once the supernatural elements were introduced, the story no longer felt real to me anymore. However, I pushed through hoping the outcome would make it, at least worthwhile. Nope, you are rubbed raw from an emotional roller coaster ride of having a child abducted, with no closure (emotional closure, no spoilers here. ). This is why the novel Room, in my opinion, works.

I am reading: The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters now. So far, it reminds me of a Gothic Downton Abbey. It was recommended because I liked Rebecca so much; we shall see.




Language Arts


We are a little over halfway through Black Beauty. The girls are really enjoying this story. I am sorry we waited so long to read it. This story, literally has changed my view of animals (and I’ve always been against animal cruelty). I know this was the author’s point, which makes me respect the story even more (There is a special place in my heart for rebel rousers.). I highly recommend it.

We also started reading Aesop Fables, and discussed the structure of fables.


The girls started: The Critical Thinking Co.’s Word Roots workbooks. Little Sis is working in the Beginning book, Sky is working in Level 1.

Words this week:

steed, fleeter, canter, dervish, sheikh, pastern-joint


The girls copied the first 1/3rd of the poem: Iron Horse by James Whitcomb Riley in cursive.


We finished chapter one of: Basher Basics Creative Writing.

Little Sis continued working in Kumon’s grade 4 Writing workbook.


Sky continued working in: Barron’s E-Z English.



The girls warmed up at XtraMath.org.

Little Sis worked in: Kumon’s grade 4 Division workbook.

Sky worked on Integer Addition and Subtraction worksheets I printed off from Math-Drills.com.

She is still having a hard time comprehending that (-2)-5 is the same as (-2)+(-5). She does fine, if the problem is written like the second example. She even understands how to solve 2-(-10). (Which in my opinion is more complicated.)  It’s the first example that just keeps tripping her up. So, I am pushing my anxiety of ever getting her math credits fulfilled in time down, and going to keep working on this until it clicks ( FU, system!).

More, Wii Fortune Street.



We read, and discussed October’s issue of:Science in the News (from Science A-Z).


Health/ Nutrition:

We watched: Is Sugar A Drug from: It’s Okay To Be Smart- YouTube,

and the documentary: Super Size Me.- Netflix.



Walks around the block.



World/ Geography:

We read: The Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Ancient Greece and the Olympics.

We left off in ancient history with the Persians, so transitioning into ancient Greece went pretty well. I printed off a map of both ancient and modern day Greece, and the girls added Greece onto their blank map of Europe.

We watched:

History: Ancient Greece ~ by School of Life – YouTube

What The Ancients Did For Us: The Greeks History Documentary – YouTube

Founders of Europe: The Greeks – YouTube


There was the second Presidential debate.

We watched and discussed: Guantánamo: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – YouTube.

We finished chapter 1 of: Barron’s Painless American Government.

We will also be using The Critical Thinking Co.’s: You Decide: Applying the Bill of Rights to Real Cases workbook, as part of Sky’s civics credit.



The Arts

Comics: Art in Relationship

We are halfway through chapter three of Understanding Comics, and Sky completed her assignments:

Finding comics in the everyday,


(From Barron’s American Government book.)

and capturing time.


(One second)


(One hour)


(One day)

We watched:

Disney’s Silly Symphony: The Grasshoppers and the Ants (my favorite Aesop Fable), Country Cousin, and The Tortoise and the Hare  – YouTube.

To kick off Halloween, we took the girls to the drive-in to see Psycho and The Birds. We were able to take our dog, Harvey, with us; it was a lot of fun. Sky thought it a little spooky to be out in the middle of nowhere, watching a movie about a motel in the middle of nowhere. 🙂


Peace for the journey.


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