Week In The Life (I Declare )

Well, we didn’t exactly take a break. However, I did discover the problem and attempted to fix it. Normally when I begin to feel overwhelmed, it is because I am trying to squeeze in more information than our brains can handle (if I’m overwhelmed by information, so are the girls).

I also realized, I have been trying to schedule our year to be more in line with our school district. In doing so, I messed up our whole rhythm. Winter is the time we usually get down to business, not fall because birthdays and holidays interrupt our learning flow. The girls have called me on this too. “Mom, we have hardly watched any Halloween movies this year!” “Yeah, last year we read Dracula, where are the spooky stories?”

Sometimes, it takes hanging around a few school children to set my mind at ease. I think that is one downside to homeschooling, which hardly compares to all the upsides; not being able to use public school as a guide to see if we are doing enough. I don’t get to see other teacher’s lessons to compare notes with.

I mean, I tailor our lessons around where the girls are academically, which is one of those upsides, but where do they stand academically with other children? Are we doing enough, or too much? I guess what I’m trying to say is, I add a lot of stress to myself worrying that we are not doing enough. The majority of children the girls hang out with are homeschooled, so I can only use them as guides. Little Sis, reading 500 page books at 9 is considered “normal” around other homeschool children her age. I know several homeschool teens that have skipped high school all together to go to college. It is easy to get caught up in that race (that I don’t even like to begin with).

Then, you meet an A honors public school student that uses Crash Course videos for AP high school courses, and think: really, for AP? Or while hanging out at Little Sis’s cheerleading practice, you overhear a mom helping their middle school child with their homework and realize: what the hell am I stressing for?

Okay, so I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I am not trying to make it sound like one education is better than the other. I think most parents want what is best for their children. (No guilt trip intended.) No matter which path you may choose, it all comes down to the effort the student puts in. If a student does not want to be present, learning will not happen. Which is why it is pointless for me to attempt a full load of lessons until after the holidays. ( I already knew this, WTF!)

Sometimes, I just need to be reassured every now and again. Sometimes, I need a pat on the back.



Language Arts



This week, we started reading: Insanity (Mad in Wonderland) series by Cameron Jace. So far, so good. Little Sis is hoping for romance, Sky hopes it sticks with the “mad” theme without a romance getting in the way. These girls are night and day I tell you. It is extremely hard to find a book that pleases them both.

We continued reading D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths and more Aesop Fables.

We also watched:The History of Cinderella | Fairy Tales with Jen – YouTube


Mama’s Reads:

I finished: The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Okay, I can see why people really like this book, and why it was recommended to me. It just dragged too much for me. It was a little over 500 pages and could have been edited down, in my opinion. I think The Haunting of Hill House was written much better. (Short and to the point.) Maybe, I am spoiled by too many plot twists; so I was disappointed by this story. Or maybe, I have read a better version of this type of story already. The writing style reminds me of Sunday afternoons, relaxed with not a whole lot going on. Sometimes though, if I am too relaxed I will fall asleep. That is what my problem was with this novel, it was too relaxing for me.

I am reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn now. At first, I didn’t think I was going to like her writing style. It reminds me of Joe Hill’s where it can’t be YA because they like to drop the F bomb, but the story is still written like a YA. I think a few authors are trying to appeal to those that have outgrown YA, the in your “20s” age range. Which I think is great. I, however am no longer in my 20s. This type of writing style is lost on me. I will say though, her writing style did get better as the book progressed. Now, I am interested. 🙂


The girls finished discussing, and copying the poem:Iron Horse by Jame Whitcomb Riley.





This was a fun one to dissect and discuss.

Writing/ Grammar:

We finished chapter 2 of Basher’s Creative Writing. This too has been fun to discuss, the girls know more than what I give them credit for.

Next month is National Novel Writing Month, so the girls will be writing a bit more then.


Little Sis is almost finished with her writing workbook, and Sky continued working in her English book.


Both girls are continuing to work in their Root Word workbooks, and their words were:

gallant, steed (thanks Shrek),pilgrim, shrine, prosper, gleams, exultant



The girls warmed up at XtraMath.

Little Sis worked in her Division workbook, and Sky moved on in the Kiss My Math book. She has adding and subtracting negative numbers down(Yay!). She is actually caught back up in her Kumon workbook, but I think we will continue with Kiss My Math. The book covers a lot more detail.




We watched: Ted-Ed What causes cavities? – Mel Rosenberg – YouTube


Walks around the block (which helped my anxiety to level out).




We read: The Declaration of Independence, and continued reading Barron’s American Government book ( with lots of discussion).

We watched: Ted Education Why do Americans vote on Tuesdays? – Jacob Soboroff


We listened to: Ancient Greek Music – The Lyre of Classical Antiquity…YouTube


The Arts:

Comics: Art in Relationship:

Sky worked on the last assignment of the on-line class. She needed to come up with the thumbnail to a comic that needed to include: a child, park, and a balloon that comes to life.


She will finish the comic this week. She really enjoyed this class, and we both learned a lot. There is much, much more to comics than meets the eye, and it uses more of the brain than it gets credit for.


We watched a lot this week.

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella

Black Beauty (1994)- Amazon

We really liked this movie a lot, it has been added to the favorite movies from the year list.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Another hit with the girls. Sky loved the special effects; she says they still hold up.

Silly Symphonies – King Neptune (1932)  and Goddess of Spring (1934)- YouTube

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween.

Peace for the journey.



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