Week(s) In The Life (Seeing Red, Feeling Blue)

We ended up taking the week of Halloween off. Between the holiday, dentist appointments, homeschool gym, cheerleading, a birthday, and getting sick, I knew I could kiss any planned lessons goodbye.

I feel like we have caught the same bloody virus four times now. This crazy Indiana weather has tomato plants growing in our garden, and election morning we woke to find this.


It is kind of hard to get into fall while still surrounded by summer, tank-tops included. I can’t believe that in a little over two weeks, we will be decorating our Christmas tree. Throw in the time-change and an election, I am a mess. Not even candlelight seems to be helping.

Speaking of the election, that is what we dedicated the week too, but I am getting ahead of myself.




Language Arts


Being we all had an upper respiratory tract infection (thank goodness for lotion tissues), it kind of put a damper on us reading out loud, so we listened to audio while reading along with D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Mythology and Fables by Arnold Lobel.

I hope we can continue reading Insanity next week.

Little Sis finished: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard, and started Flawlessly. We also watched the first episode of the television show together too.


Mama’s Reading:

I finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I am torn on what I think about it.

As a reader, I didn’t like the book. I hated the ending. Was it entertaining? Yes, very much. Honestly, I didn’t know how it was going to end. It kept me guessing with each chapter. Would I ever read it again? No. I couldn’t stand any of the characters, and the ending was so disappointing.

As a writer, I thought it was great. In a time of predictable plot twists, I didn’t know how this story was going to end. I literally had to refrain myself from reading ahead or searching out reviews. That alone made the story worth it. I loved how the story was told from present-day Nick’s point of view, and the flashbacks from Amy’s diary. I thought the pacing of the novel was really good. Just when I thought I might have it all figured out, surprise. Though I couldn’t stand the characters, they were well developed (and unforgettable), and I really liked the media theme throughout the book. There is lots to discuss with this novel, especially regarding human behavior.

So where does it stand? I am glad I read it. Will it go down as an all-time favorite? No, and I would only recommend it if you are looking for a psychological page-turner where endings are not that big of a deal to you. This book would make an awesome psychology discussion though.

I am reading Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane now.



We started chapter 4 of Basher Basics: Creative Writing and the girls worked in their workbooks.

Little Sis will be writing her final three paragraph essay from her Kumon writing workbook this coming week, and then she is done with the workbook.

I don’t think I will purchase grade 5. I was just looking for something to help her get an idea of how writing is structured. She is actually pretty good when it comes to writing, spelling, and punctuation. The workbook, in some ways, was holding her back.

Little Sis does not need lots of repetition, yet anyway. She is also very advanced with her reading choices. She gets bored very easily. I need to make sure she is being challenged. She really enjoys writing her blog, and I don’t want to mess that up. So, I think that is what we will continue to focus on.

When she writes her blog, she decides everything. The writing process is still the same, whether the topic is about books or make-up. She researches the subject she writes about (just like you would a paper). I am more of her editor, helping her out when she needs it.

Sky is the complete opposite. She expresses herself extremely well verbally but has a hard time writing her thoughts down. She would do great speaking in public. So, we need to focus on writing more next year. She does great when she creates her own stories, which is why I wanted to start with a creative writing credit. Hopefully, this will help boost her writing confidence.



The girls warmed up at XtraMath.

Little Sis continued working in her workbook, and Sky started chapter 3 of Kiss My Math.





We watched: Indian Summers


Monday, we went over each (state and federal) candidate’s positions, then the girls cast their votes.

We watched and discussed the videos:

Electoral College (Walk With Me) – @MrBettsClass – YouTube

Election Basics Crash Course Government -YouTube

Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained…TedED – YouTube

Understanding the Primaries: Delegates, Democracy, and… VlogBrothers -YouTube

What is an Electoral College


Tuesday, we watched coverage of the election and the girls kept track of the electoral votes. We watched all the way to the end with Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

Wednesday, we discussed the results.

On a side note, Sky and I also watched: School Segregation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)- YouTube.


The Arts:


Sky finished her last comic assignment. It needed to include: a child, park, and balloon that comes to life at some point.




We watched the movies: The Book of Life, and the original Halloween (on Halloween night).


The girls had homeschool gym, and Little Sis is getting ready for her first cheerleading competition.

Peace for the journey. 🙂


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