My Favorite Sport (Little Sis)

My favorite sport to participate in is cheerleading. I like cheerleading because you get to Stunt, Jump, and Tumble.

In Stunting, I am the back spot. My job is to lift and catch the flyer from the back. My favorite stunts are Pyramid, Pretty Sit, and Lib. Pyramid is where all of the stunt groups in your team join together to connect. Pretty Sit is where the flyer is sitting with her legs crossed, “looking pretty”, in the air. Last, is the stunt Lib. Lib is basically where the flyer is lifted into the air, standing with one leg folded back behind her while holding her arms in a high V.

For the jumps, my favorites are Pike Jumps, Toe Touches, and Hurkie. The Pike Jumps are when you jump with both legs in front of you. Toe Touches are when you jump with your right and left leg out to the sides, but not completely to the side. Last, is a Hurkie. Hurkie jumps are when you do a toe touch, but one of your legs is bent back off to the side.

In Tumbling, my favorites are Cartwheels, Forward Rolls, and Back Bends. I’m really good at my Forward Roll and getting better at my Cartwheels. I hope to get my Back Bend down soon.

I really like cheerleading, because I get to combine some of my favorite things and make friends too.


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