Week In The Life (The Thirteen Colonies, and Giving Thanks)

We had our first fire of the season this week. It seems like it never fails; 70 degrees and shorts one day, 30 degrees and winter coats the next. I for one, am happy about the cooler temperatures. Papa, on the other hand, walks around freezing.

It is kind of funny, it used to be the other way around. Before perimenopause, I would be the one walking around freezing. Papa needed to sleep with a fan on year round because he would get too hot; I would need to sleep with five extra blankets piled on top of the bed. What can I say, except crazy hormones I guess. It is going to be an interesting winter.




Creative Writing: Fairy Tale Adaptations


We are more than halfway through Insanity. I was hoping to have it finished before Christmas school, but that is what happens when we get sick.

*Slight detour ahead.*

I see so many new homeschoolers post questions (in one of my Facebook homeschooling groups) about schedules and planning lessons out for the whole year. I try to answer when I can, but it does get a little frustrating typing the same answers out over and over again. This is one of the many reasons I hate Facebook. There is no way of storing previous answers to questions already asked. It is way too easy to ask a question and wait for the answers. Those of us that have been homeschooling for a long time, the ones that should be answering newbie’s questions, don’t have the time to answer repeat questions. This is the reason many homeschool veterans charge for their services, which I completely understand. Living on one income takes lots of budgeting. However, I do think that it is a bit unfair as well. Where would many of us “veterans” be without the help we were given when first starting out?

I for one, probably would not be able to afford to homeschool if I was a newbie now (It is becoming a business.). I will say though, there was never a time in homeschooling where there was SO much available for free, as there is today either. You will need to do a little searching though (more than just asking a question in a Facebook group and waiting for the answers ). I have answered many of these questions here on my blog. I even have most of them saved in the About widget: Back to the Basics, found over on the left side for easier access.

Homeschooling is not school at home. You literally need to pretend that school doesn’t exist. How would learning happen if school never existed? What would that look like? How did all those before us learn without school? This is called “deschooling”. Which is more beneficial for the parents than the children. Deschooling, took *me* a whole year. I blogged about it. All my posts are categorized under Unschooling. 🙂

Once you understand and can “see”, that learning is everywhere (not contained to a brick and mortar building) and never ends, but is a continuing journey. Then, homeschooling can begin. Our homeschooling journey, will not look like yours. It is different for every family and every child. Learning is so different, what works for Sky, does not work for Little Sis. Sky learns better visually, Little Sis is an auditory learner. They are both individuals with individual interests. There is no such thing as a one size fits all education. There is no such thing as a perfect curriculum.

Since society has already set standards for learning with a high school diploma, and as much as I think some of those standards are stupid, as a homeschooler, I still need to follow them. I believe in an educated society, now more than ever. However, I get to choose how we learn those standards, and I’m given twelve years to do so.

Sometimes, life has a way of changing your plans (like getting sick). Make sure your homeschooling schedule can accommodate those changes. 🙂

*End of detour.*



Little Sis worked in her Word Roots Beginner workbook.

Sky worked in Barron’s E-Z Grammar and Level One Word Roots workbook.


Independent Reading:

Little Sis finished: Flawless and started reading: Perfect by Sara Shepard. We watched more of Pretty Little Liars, season one together. I think I figured out the “big reveal”. I mean, I am a Hitchcock fan, but I am enjoying our time together.

I finished Shutter Island. Wow, I knew it was about time for an awesome novel. I love it, and this novel has been added to my favorites book list of the year. I like it so much, I place it right up there with House on Haunted Hill.

I knew about one of the plot twists, but even so, I did not know how the novel was going to end. The writing was great. The historic element alone made it a great read for me, add in the psychological thriller aspects, and I was hooked. To be able to write a story that draws, you as the reader into one point of view, and then manages to pull the rug out from under you is a very talented author. I can’t wait to read more of his work.

I am reading: The Lottery and Other Short Stories by Shirley Jackson, now.



The girls warmed up at XtraMath.

Little Sis worked in Kumon 4th Grade Division workbook.

Sky worked on Chapter 5 (Mean, Median, Mode) of Kiss My Math. This was perfect timing for review since we had a short week for Thanksgiving.

We also played lots of games that I forgot to take a picture off.






We watched the season two finale of Indian Summers. This was a brutal season, we had many discussions. It is a shame the show has been canceled, it was just getting good.



We finished: What is the Deceleration of Independence.

I printed off a map of the Thirteen Colonies, and we watched: Mr. Zoller’s Thirteen Colonies three part Series. – YouTube


The girls took notes and added them to their American History notebook binders.





We also watched the conclusion of PBS Black America: And Still I Rise.


The Arts

We watched Disney’s Mickey Mouse presents Walt Disney Silly Symphony -Little Hiawatha-YouTube

Sky is collecting the seasons of South Park and we have been watching episodes together.


I recently discovered one of my most favorite chefs has a YouTube Channel. Sara’s (Moulton )Weeknight Meals. Cooking Live was how I learned to cook. I loved that show. I watched it every night, then tried making the recipes the next week. Many of the recipes I still use today. I missed it so much when it went off of Food Network. I am so glad I am able to watch her new show with the girls. A new generation of chefs.

The girls helped prepare Thanksgiving dinner this year. This was kind of their year-end exam. I figure if you can bake a turkey, and make: mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, corn on the cob (frozen fresh from the farm over the summer), oyster dressing, dinner rolls, pumpkin pies, and homemade cinnamon rolls, you can make anything. They can too.

We watched: The Surprising Origin of Thanksgiving Foods – YouTube From It’s Okay to be Smart.

Little Sis also decided to bake peanut butter chocolate chip cookies all by herself. She said: “I know how to cook, wash dishes, and do my own laundry. I could live all on my own.” That is the goal child. 🙂


(They didn’t last long.)


I purchased a new Wii game: Just Dance 2016. We love it. Little Sis was surprised that I won. I beat her at all the songs but One Direction’s No Control. I wasn’t always old.

I hope everyone celebrating had a great Thanksgiving. The countdown to the holidays has officially started.


(The only thing we buy on Black Friday, our Christmas tree.)

Peace for the journey.


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