Week In the Life “Baby, It’s Cold Outside*”

If you live in the Midwest, or up north, I’m sure you are aware it is cold out. Though we’ve had commitments, the majority of our week was spent cuddled up around the wood stove.

For the most part, we are ready for the holidays.



This coming week will be our last week of “school”. Then, the girls will get two weeks off. One of those weeks, I will be working on Sky’s transcript for her first two years of high-school.

Indiana requires a core 40 diploma, which basically means Sky will need 40 credits to get a general diploma. You earn one credit for each semester completed.

To graduate with an honors diploma, she must complete a minimum of 47 credits; which will need to include AP exams. You do not need to complete an AP course to take the exam.

These past two years, I have stressed over learning how to homeschool high school. Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to understand what is needed to graduate a homeschooled child. However, looking back I can honestly say I worried way too much, and ended up stressing both Sky and myself out. I got caught up in preparing her for college, and I forgot the whole reason I was homeschooling in the first place.

Homeschooling for me has always been an individual process. Sky has always been a bit behind. Everyone keeps asking her about getting her drivers license, and she keeps telling them that she does not feel ready to get behind the wheel of a vehicle yet. I can honestly answer that she is not mentally ready. She already suffers from anxiety/panic disorder, driving is the last thing she needs right now. However, I would almost put money down that she will be ready next year. That is just how it has always been with her.  If I could have just one more year to graduate her, it would be perfect. Unfortunately, society does not work like that. Five years to graduate does not look good on a college application, and I’m pretty sure will not attract any scholarships.

This year, I have accepted the fact that Sky probably will not be going to university. Don’t get me wrong, we will still be working towards an honors diploma. I’ve just decided, I not going to work my daughter into panic attacks to get her there. My daughter’s mental health comes first. My daughter comes first, period. That was the whole point of homeschooling.

I sit here and write about how our children are not us, and yet when it came to high-school and college, I pushed my child to be something she is not.

Like I mentioned, we will still aim for the honors diploma. More than likely though, Sky will graduate with the Core 40 diploma and attend community college if she wants. She is a very intelligent child, much more so than I was at her age. We’ve talked about life and the way it works. She gets it, she understands. In the end, though, this is her life, and the choices are for her to make, not me.

So for these next two years, I am back to following her lead, meeting her where she is. Life and my time with her are way too short to not be enjoying it.


Language Arts


We ditched Dodger. Not because it wasn’t good, it actually is, but because this week I was reminded what Christmas school, for us, is about. Little Sis wants to read: The Nutcracker, so that is our plan for this week.

Note to self: Allow the children to choose what we do for Christmas school.

Little Sis is still reading: Unbelievable. Sky is still listening to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Mama’s Reads:

I am a little over halfway through Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. I’m not really sure what to think about this novel. For me, it starts out really slow. I think I might know where the plot is heading; I guess I will just need to keep reading to find out. If I had to rate it now or wasn’t already over halfway through, I would probably give it 2 out of 5 stars. I am really struggling with wanting to finish it. Like I mentioned, I find the plot boring and not the least bit scary for a horror novel.

I have been a little disappointed with the horror genre lately. I have found myself being drawn more towards psychological thrillers; which is why I enjoyed: The Haunting of Hill House and Shutter Island so much. I think Stephen King might have been trying to attempt this with The Shining, but that novel fell through for me as well.

I can’t wait to count up how many books I actually read this year, but I feel like it has been a very disappointing year as far as my book choices go. Besides the Game of Thrones series, only three other novels have really stood out as great reads. That is a terrible ratio, in my opinion.

I will say, between reading Hex, discussing what the girls have been getting in with, and watching the Pretty Little Liars series, my dreams have been very interesting lately. 🙂

*Updated* to add, I can not believe I forgot about The Raven Cycle series. This was probably my favorite read of the year. Thank goodness for Maggie Stiefvater. This series alone makes up for all the other mediocre stories that I read this year. I just wish I had not read it so early in the year because everything after that has just been okay. I am extremely excited to read what she comes out with next.


The girls copied the next stanza of A Christmas Carol by Christina Rossetti in cursive. This has been another fun poem to discuss, and I can’t wait to read more of her work.



The girls continued working in their root word workbooks.

Vocabulary words this week were:

Seraphim, thronged, maiden, bliss, beloved

I love it when the girls inform me that they already know what some of these words are. It means I am doing my job.



The girls warmed up with XrtaMath.

Little Sis continued with long division.

Sky learned how to simplify algebraic expressions. This is what she will continue working on the rest of the year. No sense in learning something new and forgetting it over break.




We watched and discussed:

Is Santa Real? (A Scientific Analysis) – It’s Okay To Be Smart- YouTube

Why is Ice Slippery? – SciShow-YouTube

4 Reindeer Facts-SciShow kids-YouTube



World History/ Geography :

We watched and discussed: The wars that inspired Game of Thrones – Alex Gendler TedEd-YouTube.


The Arts


Little Sis made white and chocolate chip cookies,


and the girls made bread to go along with dinner this week.




We made The Grinch. Dramatic Parrot-YouTube.



Theater Appreciation (Small Screen):

We watched: PBS Great Performances: The Hollow Crown: The War of the Roses.


The girls love Sophie Okonedo, especially as Nancy in BBC’s Oliver Twist. They were so surprised that her character was not good in this series. “Just goes to show you how great of an actress she is.”


Little Sis had her award ceremony this week for cheerleading.


They start back up again at the end of January. Until then, she will just have to practice her toe touches around the house, and she does too.

Peace for the journey.

*Neptune’s Daughter


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