Week(s) in the Life ( How We Science)

Here we are again, the middle of February, and we have the windows open. I feel like winter is over before it even began.

The robins have been gathering around our crabapple tree, helping themselves. We have named it our tree of life because it maintains its own ecosystem. The crabapples feed the birds and squirrels, and the flower blossoms feed the bees. The bees help our garden, which helps feed us. The tree absorbs our carbon dioxide and releases us its precious oxygen. That is the beauty of science for you.

We had a light bulb moment this week while watching our science videos. While our videos were discussing the positive and negative attractions of protons and electrons, Sky exclaimed: “just like in math”. What a great moment to discuss how mathematics is the language of the universe; to finally understand its necessity.

This was the breakthrough I very much needed to boost my confidence. I still hold firm to my belief that not everyone is meant to be a scientist, mathematician, or an artist, but for her to finally understand why learning mathematics is so important, was big.

I feel like this is another positive aspect of homeschooling. School separates learning into “subjects”. I mean, I understand why. It is hard to find a teacher that is an expert in everything. In homeschooling, you don’t need to be an expert; you just need to have the desire to want to learn.

Earth isn’t separated into subjects, everything connects. This is what real learning looks like. It is hard to understand art and literature if you don’t understand the history of what was happening at the time. History influences movements, movements influence change, change influences art. It is a never-ending cycle, and I am very close to busting out the lyrics to the song: The Circle of Life from Disney’s The Lion King right now. 🙂


Language Arts


We finished Julie of the Wolves. I’m sure this will be added to our favorite reads from the year list. Lots of discussion from this little gem.

We watched Julie of the Wolves Mini-Documentary – YouTube

We started: The Call of the Wild by Jack London but ditched it. After the first two chapters, both girls, in unison started arguing with me. “I do not need to read about animal abuse, I know it exists.” “I’m just letting you know, I am not going to pay attention to this book if we continue to read it.” Nothing like keeping it real. So, I read the biography of Jack London from The Lives of Writers by Kathleen Krull, and we discussed the historic significance of his novels instead.

The girls understand the novel’s place, they even appreciate them being written. “I am for anyone that gets the word out about animal cruelty, I just don’t need to read about it myself.” This lead to a wonderful conversation about how well the novel Black Beauty was written. “There was a balance of good and bad.”

This goes to show you why it is important to know your children’s sensitivities when picking out stories. Sky can watch someone getting their throat cut in the Game of Thrones series, but she cannot tolerate bullying or animal cruelty. This is why Little Sis became a vegetarian. She can not tolerate the treatment of animals in the meat industry. Even though we support small farmers and know how the animals are treated.

We are reading: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman instead.


*Mama’s Reads*

I finished: The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. I liked it all right. I could see the influence of King’s Pet Sematary. I really liked the historical aspect of the novel. The ending wasn’t bad, I just think it could have been a little bit better. I gave it 4 stars.

I read: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough next. I really liked this one. I wasn’t really sure where it was going until the end. It held my interest, and I finished it in 3 days. It was a fun read, but will it be memorable? No, the characters were kind of bland. I really didn’t care what happened to them, the ending proves that. Still, I am glad to have read it. I gave it 4 stars too.

I am rereading: The Gunslinger by Stephen King now. I am excited to see the movie, so I am going to try and reread the entire series before I go see it in theaters.



The girls copied the next stanza from Let America Be America Again.




The girls worked in their Word Root workbooks. Sky worked in her English workbook, and both girls played Mad Libs.

Words from the week were:

bondsman and bartered

The girls corrected a sentence a day.

Creative Writing:

We continued reading Seize the Story, and during free writing, the girls came up with some character names.



Violet worked on the review from her workbook. Sky learned about the distributed property.

The girls made hearts using the pattern blocks.


(Connecting art and mathematics.)



The girls had homeschool gym. We took advantage of warmer weather and went for a walk around the block, and Yoga Walked indoors.

Sky had equestrian lessons, and Little Sis had cheerleading practice.



We watched and discussed:

How Soap and Water Make Us Clean? SciShow Kids

Are Hand Dryers Sanitary? SciShow

The Best Way to Fight the Flu – Scishow

The New Superbug! -SciShow

Attack of the Super Bugs -SciShow

Honey: Bacteria’s Worst Enemy SciShow

Metal vs. Bacteria -SciShow

all found on YouTube.




We read February’s issue of Science A-Z – Multilevel Science News Articles for Kids.

We watched and discussed:

Why Does Cilantro Taste Like Soap? SciShow

Wolverines Are the Honey Badgers of the North -Animalogic

Relationship Advice From the Animal Kingdom -It’s Okay To Be Smart

The Arctic Canary in the Coal Mine- TedEd

Ice Caves ShiShow Kids

The 17+ Different Kinds of Ice! SciShow

Inside the Tiny Ecosystems Hiding in Glaciers SciShow

We celebrated Charles Darwin’s birthday and watched: Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin! SciShow Kids

all found on YouTube.





We watched and discussed Masterpiece Theater’s Victoria.

Civics/ Government:

We watched and discussed:

Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

What Does it Mean to be A Refugee? TedEd

all found on YouTube.


The Arts

Music Appreciation:

We watched:  Coolest Concert Ever? Hear Ice Instruments-National Geographic -YouTube

(Combining art and science.)


We made lovebirds from Draw So Cute-YouTube


Peace for the journey.



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