Week in the Life (Cells, Cells, Everywhere Cells)

First, some good news following my last post.

Thanks to some great information shared in a Facebook homeschooling high school group I belong to, Sky and I talked some more about her graduating goals. I don’t know why I never thought about it before, probably because I was too busy checking off University acceptance boxes, but Sky can work part-time while taking a couple community college classes her senior year.

To enter community college, Sky would just need to take a placement test. Once she has all the basics covered, she could then transfer into art school. Our community college does not need a transcript to be able to take classes. So, instead of finishing her senior year homeschooling or needing to get a GED, she can enroll in a class or two. We both feel like a huge load has been lifted off our shoulders.

Which is a good thing, because I now have a pinched nerve in my neck (the bad news). Just like my back, where I first started noticing pain radiating around my hip, I noticed my shoulder throbbing a little more than usual lately. I just tossed it off as age. Then, I woke up Saturday not being able to lift my arm above my head.

September will be two years since my back surgery. I have been doing all my exercises to help keep my spine healthy, as I do not want to go through that ever again. Well, I guess my body didn’t receive the memo.

Not messing around this time, I’ve started doing the recommended neck exercises to relieve pressure off the nerve, and they have been helping. Keeping my fingers crossed it is not another herniated disk and I can heal without the need of surgery.


Language Arts

World Literature/ Handwriting:

The girls finished the last two stanzas of Visit to the Observatory by Harry Martinson.


Vocabulary / Grammar:

The girls edited: A Sentence a Day.

Mad Libs

Words: hearth, resound, plenitude, pulsates, unfathomable, abound

Creative Writing:

Reading: East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Seize the Story

Ten minutes of free writing.

I am allowing Sky to combine her Comic Relationship class she took, with her creative writing lessons. By the time we finish Seize the Story, she should be able to write and draw a story. The both use the same elements but in different ways.

Honestly, as someone that enjoys writing, I think drawing a story (graphic novels) is a lot harder. I have so much respect for comic authors after Sky took that class.

*Mama’s Reads*

I finished: The Women Next Door by Cass Green. I have mixed feelings about this book.

First, it is written very well. My problem is not with the writing. I just don’t really think this is a psychological thriller. Psychological, yes. Thriller, no. There were no thrills for me, no action. The plot pretty much centers around how two characters handle a certain situation, think Thelma and Louise. I honestly didn’t care for any of the characters; I didn’t even feel sorry for the victim. There is nothing memorable here.

I didn’t care for Gone Girl either, but I will probably never forget it. That is what makes it such a great story.

Okay, so why the mixed feelings? If I were to rate this book as a psychological thriller, I would give it 3 stars (which is the lowest I will go, unless a story is a complete rubbish. I respect the work it takes to write a novel, good or bad.).

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean this is a terrible novel. It just wasn’t for me. I do think this would be a great starting point for readers that want to read this genre but dislike all the gore that comes along with reading these types of books. I am interested in reading some of her YA novels, and I will more than likely read her next book.

I am reading: Gone Without A Trace by Mary Torjussen now.


Warming up with XtraMath.

Little Sis: Decimals and Fractions workbook.

Sky learned how to solve for x (one variable) from Kiss My Math.

Just like she had a hard time grasping subtraction, division, and negative numbers, she is struggling with inverse operations. So, we will practice a bit more before moving on.

I, on the other hand, am enjoying algebra. So many people have asked me when they learn I am homeschooling high school: “What about algebra?”.  I mean, I didn’t exactly enjoy it the first time around, not until I had the most awesome intermediate algebra teacher that is, but I really like Danica McKellar’s way of explaining it. If only all these resources were available when I was in school.

I have always liked puzzles anyway. I often think what I might do once my homeschooling journey has ended. I mean, all this knowledge should be good for something, right? Maybe tutoring. There are lots of up and coming homeschoolers in our state. They don’t even need to be homeschoolers, I have been hanging around lots of school children lately with all my girls’ activities. 🙂



I do have labs planned to go along with this course, but for now, we are reading through Basher Science Microbiology, The Way We Work by David Macaulay, and watching videos. This week was all about cells.

Flu VS. Human Cells The Kitchen Scientist (NPR) -YouTube.

Insights into cell membranes TedEd-YouTube.

The Wacky History of Cell Theory-YouTube



The girls had homeschool gym and we walked around the block.


European History/ Geography:

We watched: Rick Steves’ European Easter.


We watched: Crash Course’s newest installment of film history videos. Sky is so excited about this credit. I am too, I finally have a place to add all her favorite YouTubers, like the Nostalgia Critic, because she has learned SO much from them. Not to mention all the films she watches and critiques from an artistic point of view. I’ve mentioned several times that she should write reviews for movies.

The Arts


In honor of Little Sis’s cheerleading competition this weekend, we drew a cheerleader from Draw So Cute- YouTube.


Extracurricular activities:

Sky had equestrian lessons, and Little Sis had cheerleading practice.

Peace for the journey.


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