Social Studies( Geography and History of the World)

Before I list our courses, I feel that I should give a brief explanation of how I facilitate history.

It doesn’t matter whether it is World, American, or Art, the method of learning stays the same. This is what has worked best for us.

I introduce the topic first using Crash Course videos as a summary. For the next week, sometimes a month, we dive deep into that topic by supplementing other videos, historical fiction or non-fiction stories, documentaries and movies.

I do not give tests. Instead, the girls come up with a notebook page (Notebooking is a term used often in homeschooling, especially using the Charlotte Mason method.) of what they learned.

Before they write their page, we discuss, “narration”, the subject of study, the girls tell me what they remember most (“I will never forget King Charles the first of England wore two shirts to his execution.” ), then I write their notes on the board for them to copy onto their page. They add this page into their binders. The binder serves as their timeline.

Of course, once a child reaches high-school age, they are capable of making their own notebook pages. We still have lots of discussions though.

I do not whitewash history. We did not study Native American history until Sky was old enough to comprehend both sides of the story.

I also do not share my opinions on subjects. I have always made sure to share and study more than one perspective of any subject, so the girls can form their own opinions. The girls are allowed to form different opinions than myself.

To give a very brief example. Papa and I are huge vintage movie fans. The girls were raised watching silent films. When Sky was little, she loved the fox fur stoles that the actresses wore and wanted one too. Well, we couldn’t afford fox fur, let alone my feelings of animals being killed just for their fur. However, I knew she wasn’t old enough to understand any of this. She just liked the style. So, I purchased some rabbit pelts that she sewed together like a stole instead. (Not up for debate, to faux or not. The rabbit meat was not wasted.) The point, Sky naturally came to her own conclusions about fur without my judgment or opinions.

It is the same way with our topics of study. (Don’t ask for Sky’s opinion of Oliver Cromwell. 😉 )


Geography/ History of the World

Credits (2)

By sharing the big picture and challenging students to look at the world from many different perspectives, we hope to inspire a greater love of learning and help them better understand how we got here, where we’re going, and how they fit in.

Geography and History of the World is designed to enable students to use the geographic “way of looking at the world” to deepen their understanding of major global themes that have manifested themselves over time—for example, the origin and spread of world religions; exploration; conquest, and imperialism; urbanization; and innovations and revolutions.

The historical geography concepts used to explore the global themes in Geography and History of the World include change over time, origin, diffusion, physical systems, cultural landscapes, and spatial distribution and interaction. By using these skills, concepts and the processes associated with them, students are able to analyze, evaluate, and make predictions about major global developments. Geography and History of the World are designed to nurture perceptive, responsible citizenship, encourage and support the development of critical thinking skills and lifelong learning.

In my secular opinion, history should be learned in chronological order. That is why we started out our lessons learning about The Big Bang and Geological time. For this, we used The Big History Project. (More resources will be listed with the science credits.)

Once we arrived in the Quaternary Period and the evolution of human beings, we began our studies on the origins of religions. This is where Crash Course World History videos begin. While in the Middle East, we studied Islam and Judaism. Once in Rome, Christianity. This is where I placed Creationism.

(I may decide later to give credit for a World Religions course.)





The Big History Project

Crash Course: Eons-YouTube

Crash Course World History videos – YouTube


Khan Academy

PBS Masterpiece Theater

BBC Programmes

Keith Hughes -YouTube

Tom Richey-YouTube

TED-Ed videos-YouTube

Rick Steves- YouTube

Globe Trekker

Geography Now- YouTube

My What About Earth Board-Pinterest


Documentaries: (Update when sorted)

History Channel: Mankind: History of Us

PBS Independent Lens: Chuck Norris vs. Communism


Movies: (Update when sorted)

History Channel: The Bible

The Ten Commandments

King of Kings



To Kill A King

The Charge of the Light Brigade

Disney’s Fighting Prince of Donegal

The Secret of the Kells

Marie Antoinette

The Young Victoria

Nicolas and Alexandra

The Fiddler on the Roof



Disney’s Miracle of the White Stallions

To Be or Not to Be











Reading List:

Red Huge: Prince of Donegal

Diary of Marie Antoinette

(Update when sorted)


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