Social Studies (U.S. History)

United States History builds upon concepts developed in previous studies of American history. Students in this course are expected to identify and review significant events, persons, and movements in the early development of the nation. After providing such a review, the course gives major emphasis to the interaction of key events, persons, and groups with political, economic, social, and cultural influences on state and national development in the late nineteenth, twentieth, and early twenty-first centuries. Students are expected to trace and analyze chronological periods and examine the relationship of significant themes and concepts in Indiana and United States history. They are expected to develop skills and processes of historical thinking and inquiry that involve chronological thinking, comprehension, analysis, and interpretation, and research that uses primary and secondary sources found at local and state historic sites, museums, libraries, and archival collections, including electronic sources.

Credit (2)



(So, what do I use the encyclopedias for? Notebook notes, dates, and as an outline for myself.)

Crash Course U.S. History-YouTube

PBS American Experience (People always ask for documentary recommendations. I always answer back with American Experience. Their list of programs are by far the best there is. Seriously, this is the spine of our lessons.)


APUSH with Mr. Johnson

Khan Academy

PBS Masterpiece Theater

(You will soon learn I use PBS for everything. I follow them on Facebook to learn about all of their upcoming programmings. Our television is set on this channel. )

Keith Hughes -YouTube

Tom Richey-YouTube


History Channel: America: The Story of Us






Reading List: (I have lots of non-fiction and biographies lined up for this course. I will update as we go.)

Hospital Sketches Louisa May Alcott.


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