Electives (Culinary Cooking For One)

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If any of my girls are to go to college, and even if they are not, more than likely they will find themselves cooking only for themselves.

One of the many things about homeschooling is that our school is considered a private school. I do not need to follow government high school regulations, just like other private schools don’t. I can create my own courses to fit the needs of my children.

Of course, you will want to make sure your courses are college acceptable. I don’t think electives are colleges’ big concern, with the exception of elite schools.  If you are MIT bound, you’re going to want to check those boxes.

This is one of those courses.

In Culinary Art’s Cooking For One Class, the student will create homemade meals that are both nutritious and easily prepared in the shortest amount of time possible. The student will learn how to use a microwave oven to its fullest potential.





A variety of microwavable mugs.

An Example of a chocolate chip cookie baked in a mug.



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