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A Week in the Life (Bump in the Road)

March 9, 2018

Little Sis had a rough cheer weekend. First, she had stunt clinic for three hours, then she had her practice the next day. She was exhausted. Being on an elite team has been tough. The competition is fierce. My job is to make sure it’s still worth it to her.

In my opinion, competitive sports are way overrated for children. I waited until our girls were old enough to choose what they were interested in trying. Little Sis has had girls on her team that has been in cheer since they were four. Honestly, she is just as good as they are. So many parents have said that you need to start them young. I believe children should be old enough to decide for themselves. If they really want to do something, their determination will get them caught up.

Besides the rough start to our week, Sky has been feeling a little down. To be honest, we all are. Winter has lingered a little too long, not to mention current events finding their way into our home.

Sky is going to be 18 this year. She understands what is happening around her. She also feels helpless to do anything about it. Such a large burden to be placed upon young shoulders. Just because it might be how things have always been done, does not necessarily mean they are always right.

All this to explain why we needed to unplug for awhile. This week, we decided to take a little break. The girls had homeschool gym and they were able to connect with a few of their homeschool friends. I feel like these friendships have been lacking nourishment lately. I think the girls needed a break from the norm. No cheer, no media, just fun.

I am thankful that we are able to do so.

Last week, Little Sis’s spelling words started with the letter K.

So, we learned about Kangeroos by watching Robert Irwin videos and learned how to draw one from Art for Kids Hub on YouTube.


This inspired us to read Who Was Steve Irwin and watch the episode of The Crocodile Hunter about Komodo dragons.

The girls added notes to their journals.


We learned about the kazoo by listening to the songs: Keep on Trucking, San Francisco Bay Blues, and Jazz Me Blues on YouTube.

(I am counting all these instrument videos towards Sky’s Music Appreciation course.)

We also learned about Kyrgyzstan from Geography Now.


This lead to learning about the wild Pallas cat.

I made it to a current events page in my mom journal, so the girls and I watched CNN 10.





(Little Sis’s Thinking Tree Journals used this week.)

Sky and I watched the next episode of Two Cents and started reading: Don’t Break the Bank.


She watched Crash Course: Movie History episode 10 and Film Production episode 5 that was about sound.

Then we watched the movie The Jazz Singer.


She also watched Crash Course: Sociology episode 10.

Sky finished her Thinking Tree: Teach Yourself to Draw and Study and Draw Playful Pets journals. She is going to take a break from the drawing journals and start a new literary journal that I am using for her Film as Literature course.


(Sky’s Thinking Tree journals from the week.)

Again, I saw these journals getting negative feedback in one of my Facebook secular groups. Honestly, it is the only secular homeschool group that I belong to anymore. I am tired of all the negativity and drama groups bring. I also don’t have much time for Facebook anymore. I would spend twenty minutes writing a reply that I never know if the original poster receives to only have the same exact question get asked a half hour later.

We are secular homeschoolers, science is the foundation of our lessons. I started our world history course studying the big bang. I truly believe one needs to understand the world around us before we can even begin to comprehend the history of humans. However, I also understand that not everyone thinks like me, and that is okay.

Hate is hate, no matter what beliefs one might have.

My mom’s journal has a place to write a “prayer” list and the Teach Yourself to Draw journals have a quote from the bible on the instructions page. Other than that, there has been no mention of religion anywhere in the journals that we use. Some of the journals are marketed towards Christain families, they are clearly labeled in the title.

The journals are purposely left blank for your children to fill in to make their own portfolios. We get to decide how we want to use them.

Could you create and print your own journal pages? Yes. In fact, I did just that for years. However, I don’t have the time anymore to make sure I printed out all the pages I am going to need for the week. My time and sanity are worth the price of the journals.

The girls know exactly what they are supposed to do every day. The journals are made for them to do the work on their own. Maybe, that is not what you are looking for. That is okay too. I hope you find something that does work. There is plenty of curricula available to choose from, Thank goodness. There is no need to put something down just because it did not work out for you.

Peace for the journey.