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A Week in the Life (China)

May 26, 2018

Considering that Papa was on vacation this week we still managed to squeeze in a few lessons.

We also managed to play a few games too. We are still watching Hell’s Kitchen together as a family. This has inspired Little Sis to create her own Hell’s Kitchen in Minecraft.


We still have Minecraft on our laptop but I thought I would purchase a version for the Playstation too. While Little Sis has been busy creating her little world, Sky picked up a new game she has been busy playing too. She loves Sky Rim. It reminds her of Game of Thrones.

We have been enjoying playing Monopoly on the Wii and Yahtzee at the table as a family. I really missed our family game time.

We finally have our garden planted.

Little Sis started her Fashion through History journal this week inspired by Jane Austen.


Since her spelling words started with the letter p, I decided to take a short detour by learning about China


and panda bears.


She will continue with the rest of her spelling list next week.

Since learning about the giant panda bear this week, Little Sis and I decided to draw one from Art for Kids Hub on YouTube.


The girls attended homeschool gym and Sky and I watched the movie Cast Away as a modern retelling of Robinson Crusoe for her Film as Literature course.

Little Sis keeps an ongoing list of vocabulary words from the books we read. When the list is complete she will look up the definitions.


She finished her lessons about the tiger shark


by summarizing her discoveries.


The journals Little Sis used this week for her lessons.


She is really happy with her selections.

I discovered that Little Sis prefers reading nonfiction over watching videos as a way to learn (I am the same way), which is the complete opposite of Sky. Sky would prefer to watch a video any day over reading. Sky gets bored while reading, Little Sis gets bored by sitting and watching movies. I am glad we are at a place in our learning where both girls can learn the way that works best for them.¬†With summer quickly approaching I think we have settled nicely into our new groove. I know we are on the right path when we are constantly changing things up. Change is our normal. ūüôā

This September will mark the last school year for one child. I can’t believe I will be graduating my first homeschool student. It feels like just yesterday when the two of us journeyed down this road together. I have learned SO much since then. I may not know what her future holds, but I feel confident knowing that I did my absolute best to prepare her for the journey ahead.

Peace for the journey.


Week(s) in the Life (On a Binge-Watch)

May 19, 2018

Well, here I am again. Weeks behind, so much happening I have no clue where to even start. I am sure this post will be as jumbled as my mind feels.

We had just settled into our new rhythm quite nicely when the girls came down with another viral infection (and not at the same time either). So our lessons were more scattered.

It was during this time Little Sis and I became engrossed in America’s Next Top Model, and all of the family started watching Hell’s Kitchen on Prime. I don’t get as surprised anymore at all the many learning trails these shows inspire. Little Sis and I watched a video this week on the history of Japanese fashion and The Origin¬†of Everything’s episode¬†about the history of high heels.

Little Sis was the first to be inspired by Hell’s Kitchen to plan out a day’s meals. She chose a completely vegan menu.


She chose tofu scrambled breakfast burritos with spinach and mushrooms for breakfast,


and vegan “Philly steak” sandwiches with regular¬†and sweet potato fries for dinner.


She made vegan pumpkin pie with homemade vegan whipped cream for dessert.


Everything was delicious. She is becoming quite the chef.

She also made vegan brownies and cookies and cream mug cake (not vegan).



Since on the subject of Little Sis, she had her cheer state competition. Though her team did not place, they were so close in points with the third place team that they won the wildcard bid to attend Nationals in Chicago this summer. She is very excited.

There was the usual homeschool gym and having friends over.

Sky took a CPR class and passed the certification test. She has been continuing with her independent studies.


We went to see Infinity War twice, once at the theater and once at the Drive-In with A Quiet Place.

I had a birthday and celebrated Mother’s Day by being able to read the second installment of the Roxane Weary novel series(that just happened to be¬†released on my birthday) What You Want To See by Kisten Lepionka, in one sitting. Yes, it was that good. I will try to wait patiently¬†for the next installment.

Sky and I watched Crash Course movie history episode 12, film production episode 7, and sociology episode 12 on YouTube.

We also watched the 1967 movie, Bonnie, and Clyde.

Violet’s spelling words started with the letter o, so we watched videos about opossums, the oboe, and Oman.


Little Sis and I read Who Was Jane Austen and she took notes.


Sky and I watched The School of Life video about Jane Austen on YouTube.

All of us watched the BBC 2009 adaptation of Emma.

The girls are almost finished with the fraction portion of volume 2 of Learn Math Fast. I added in grocery circular math lessons to help the girls learn how to give change without the use of a cash register.

I think that about sums everything up.

Peace for the journey.