Week(s) in the Life (Clueless)

I am finding it hard to want to write. It is beginning to feel more and more like a chore.

When I started my blog, many years ago, it was to keep track of lessons and serve as proof if I ever needed it. With the girls filling out journals, my job has become much easier. The journals do the tracking for me. Sky lists all the videos she watches and takes notes. Little Sis fills out her pages. Both girls even take their own attendance. If I need to write a description of what the girls are working on I just need to look in their journals now.

I enjoy being able to look back over posts. I still believe I am the biggest reader of my blog. I guess I feel like it no longer serves a purpose.

When I first started writing, homeschooling was kind of a new thing. There really wasn’t much out there to help other homeschoolers. Blogging became a community. Now there is YouTube, Pinterest, and more homeschooling sites than you could ever read. You can follow homeschoolers on Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.

I’m sure I will continue recording our journey. It just might not be as much.


Sky filled out her film pages for the movies Emma (Film as Literature)


and Bonnie and Clyde (Movie History).


Sky and I watched the movie Alien (Movie History) and we all watched the movie Clueless as a modern retelling of Emma.

The girls hated it. You would have thought I made them watch some boring documentary. In fact, I think they would rather have watched a boring documentary. They are products of a different generation I guess 😉 .

Sky and I have been watching the new BBC Sherlock series (Film as Literature) and she is really into Rick and Morty. Papa and I watched the three seasons with her. I can see why she enjoys it so much. She has been busy creating worlds and stories from both shows.

Little Sis and I have been watching America’s Next Top Model (which has been great for geography and fashion history) and Riverdale together. We still are watching Hell’s Kitchen together as a family.

Sky has been reading Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews and Little Sis and I read Who Was Julia Child. We also read about Dolley Madison from America’s First Ladies by Kathleen Krull. I am reading The Outsider by Stephen King.




Sky watched the war of 1812 on Crash Course American History. Little Sis read about it in the DK American History encyclopedia.

Little Sis learned about area and perimeter


and recreated her dream home on Minecraft. We compared the area and perimeter of our home to the one she created.


This week Learn Math Fast was all about percents.

The girls have started their own workout routine using videos from Amazon Prime and I have started one of my own (I have lost 5 pounds so far).

The pools opened over the holiday weekend and we were able to attend our favorite one with friends. The girls had their last homeschool gym until after summer vacation and Little Sis’s cheer team is practicing for Nationals.

We spotted a groundhog in our backyard the other day, so this week we learned all about them. I have never seen one in person.


We also learned about the quokka. I never even knew they existed.

Little Sis learned about sea turtles,



the panpipes, and the quene flute.

We learned about Poland from Rick Steves


and Qatar from Geography Now.


Little Sis is using the movie clueless as her fashion guide for the 90s.



Another productive week in the books.

Peace for the journey.


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