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Personal Finance

July 17, 2018

Credit 1


Understanding financial management concepts is an important life skill. From credit to insurance to taxes, it is imperative that the student understands the consequences of their choices. Wisely managing their money, the student becomes a citizen that is more responsible. A thorough understanding of financial concepts, with practical application through activities and projects, will enable the student to leave this course with applicable, useful skills for life. This course surveys the basic personal financial needs of most individuals and emphasizes the basics of budgeting, saving, checking, investments, credit, the wise use of insurance, and paying and preparing income tax returns. The Student will design personal and household budgets utilizing checking and savings accounts, gain knowledge in finance, debt and credit management.

After high school, the student faces a world filled with possibilities, and the more knowledge they can acquire, the higher the probability that their financial future will be secure. The student taking this course will learn to better prepare for their financial future.


Two Cents videos (PBS program on Facebook)