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Month(s) in the Life (Playing Catch Up)

August 27, 2018

I am going to attempt to play catch up. A lot has happened between June and the last week of August, so I know there is no way I will be able to remember all of it. I think I did manage to capture most of the important stuff though.


for starters, we did continue with lessons to bring our school year to an end.

After watching clueless for Little Sis’s 90’s movie (for her Thinking Tree Fashion Dreams history journal), there were a few other videos Sky watched to try and help get a feel for what was happening historic wise. One was on the Oklahoma City bombing. The other was on the Waco Texas standoff. She also watched Crash Course: American History, Clinton, and the 90s.

For Little Sis, we read about Hillary Clinton in the book: America’s First Ladies.


She wrote her report on America’s first female Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.


Continuing with Little Sis’s Thinking Tree Spelling journal, her list of words started with the letter R. She learned about raccoons,


the recorder, and Russia.


Sky watched the Crash Course video about Russia.

Little Sis and I read the Diary of Anastasia.


This took us backward in her Thinking Tree Fashion Dreams History journal to the years of 1910-1920.


She chose to watch the animated movie, Anastasia. She also wanted to add her to our Princess collection (now that she is a part of Disney) thanks to Dramatic Parrot.


A lot of history happened between those years, Little Sis chose to write about the Titanic.


(Which fit in perfectly at one of our vacations, but more on that later.)




I chose Woodrow Wilson to read as a bio, even though Taft was still president during the sinking because he was president during the Russian Revolution.



This brings us to the letter S in Little Sis’s Thinking Tree Spelling journal. We already learned about Sweden during Christmas, so Little Sis learned about skunks and the saxophone.


She finished her drawing and research lessons about the octopus.


We read a biography of Julia Child


and watched the movie, Julie, and Julia. We also watched a few of her cooking shows on YouTube.


Sky and I watched Crash Course Film History and Production videos 13 and 8. We watched the movies, Alien, and Aliens, John Oliver’s video about genetic engineering (CRISPR), and Lessons From the Screenplay’s video about using theme to create character.

We also watched a video about string theory, thanks to Sky’s Rick and Morty interest.


We spent the summer swimming, playing lots of games,


and hanging out at our local drive-in, including a date night for Papa and I.

They had a weekend of monster movie classics hosted live by our locally known Sammy Terry, which made Papa’s night( ahem, I mean ruined it 😉 ).



I also took each of the girls out separately for a mother-daughter date.

Little Sis had her cheer nationals competition in Chicago.



Then, we met my sister in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (where we went to the Titanic museum).




I read a biography of Dolly Pardon before we left.


Little Sis’s fall season of cheer started an I have been busy planning out our upcoming school year.


Sky’s last year, I can’t believe it!

I have been watching a lot of lectures from Betty Staley on YouTube (All of them are very worth it!). I only have a few months before my last baby becomes a teenager. 😦

Our 7th and 12th grade will begin after Labor Day. Until then,

peace for the journey.