Week(s) in the Life (Welcome Autumn!)

These last few weeks we had a second summer, though technically I know it was still officially summer, with temperatures in the 90s. Today, however, it actually feels like Autumn. It reminds me of the first day of Spring when it snowed, Mother Nature is a little off balance. I welcome Autumn, as I sit here typing with our windows open in shorts, with temperatures in the 60s. I am just not a big fan of the heat anymore.

We actually were able to take advantage of the cooler temperatures with our first round of homemade bread and soup.


Living in a small home, not tiny (just under 1000 square feet), I have come to the conclusion not to use our oven while the air conditioner is running. Since our home is so small, the oven and dryer warm our house up a lot causing our air to run a lot. So, during summer I cook most everything outdoors on our grill. I use my crockpot to bake most dishes I would need the oven for. During summer we bake tortillas or naan stovetop. This helps with meal boredom. Salads become soups, and so forth. I say bring on the soups! 🙂

We are adjusting to our new school rhythm. The girls actually like the block rotation and having actual “school hours” better. One of the things both girls always complained about while unschooling was that school never ended. I added beginning and ending transitional verses. I am not allowed to mention anything related to school before or after saying the verses.

This was the girls’ last week of woodworking. Making dollhouses might not have been the best first woodworking project to start of with. Especially for one child that has never used tools before. However, they managed to put one together.


I think they did a good job. Sky made herself a treehouse. We will be making the dolls and furniture during hand work. The girls are excited to decorate it for Christmas.

The house also serves for a part of Little Sis’s school theme of owning a bakery. For her lessons this year, our family owns a bakery. We live upstairs and the bakery is downstairs. We plan on making miniature food that I think will be fun.

Something else that Little Sis asked for was a library day. She prefers to read actual books over her Kindle. How could I deny such a request? So, I made sure to add library days into our monthly rhythm.


(She just finished Matched and is currently reading book 2.)

Since our library is located near our favorite park and apple orchard I also added nature walks too.




One of the many things I love about Thinking Tree journals is that we can take them anywhere. Thanks to the invention of smartphones, we can school where ever we want.

This week we learned about Monarch butterflies and Goldenrod.

Okay, so the girls morning lesson block these last three weeks was woodworking. We transition to begin school by reciting a verse and a few movement exercises, then the girls work on some form of mental math problem,


a little Spanish review of what the girls learned previously, and the current penny whistle song they are working on. After woodworking, we end the morning lesson with Little Sis’s read aloud.

We finished The House At Pooh Corner and started The Hobbit.


Little Sis likes to put puzzles together while I read. Sky likes to color in her Thinking Tree journal or draw.


(Games and puzzles from the week)

After the morning main lesson we take about an hour break. We go for a walk and have lunch. We transition back into lessons by doing the chore of the week. Monday is baking, Tuesday is outside work, Wednesday is cleaning, Thursday is outside work, and Friday is cleaning our personal space (our rooms).

For the afternoon main lesson we rotate Spanish, handwork, music/ penny whistle, and art.


(Little Sis made her penny whistle case and Sky patched holes in her favorite skirt for hand work.)

Both girls have Language Arts. Little Sis works on her spelling and vocabulary while I work with Sky.



Sky and I are watching Crash Course Mythology and reading Donte’s Inferno.


Sky works independently on her spelling and vocabulary when I work with Little Sis.


So, both girls have independent work to do when I am working with the other.

They both finished copying the Michaelmas poem and have a form drawing to practice.


Sky added a page in her journal for Netflix’s The Little Prince for Film History.


She has 3 more videos and she will have this course completed.

That about sums everything up. Happy Autumn and…

Peace for the journey.


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