A Week in the Life (Michaelmas)

Since this Saturday (the 29th) was Michaelmas I decided our lessons this week would revolve around the festival. Now that the girls are older we focused more on slaying our own personal dragons.

This festival kicks off Autumn and the fact that the daylight is getting shorter. As we get ready to enter into a season of darkness it is important to take the time to reflect inwardly. Maybe there is a bad habit that needs conquering.

Michaelmas has always been one of my favorite festivals. We may not have always celebrated it full out once we started unschooling, but the sentiment has always been there.

Usually, during this week we get our supply of wood for the winter delivered.


We are able to start baking in our oven again.


(Vegan carrot millet muffins)


(Vegan gingerbread cake, both baked and photographed by Little Sis.)

Little Sis also baked vegan chocolate chip oatmeal that was so delicious. She wanted to make sure she had the recipe for future use. I think she is preparing for her business math block that starts this week. 😉


It is also around this time most of our local pumpkin patches kick off their fall festivals as well.


This means the corn mazes are now open.

What Michaelmas festival would be complete without a bowl of homemade vegan potato soup and dragon bread while watching a Lord of the Rings marathon?



For art lessons this week we tried our hand at paper cut-out stained glass


and wet on wet watercolor painting.




I added in our favorite Michaelmas stories from when the girls were younger and Sky and I listened to Rudolf Steiner’s lecture: Michaelmas and the Soul Forces of Man.

We finished up our festival celebration by making a list of the dragons we would like to defeat this year, then cast them into the fire.



Sky and I finished Donte’s Inferno. We had lots of conversation about this epic poem and we are both glad to have read it. She will finish her lesson page this week.

We are still reading and enjoying The Hobbit. Little Sis choose her spelling/vocabulary words and practiced writing them in a different font. She will look up the definitions, write their part of speech, and use them is a sentence next week.


I rotated A Sentence a Day with Mad Libs and added a few fraction problems in for review to prepare for our first math block next week. This is where we left off in volume 2 of Learn Math Fast.


We learned a new song for Autumn on our Pennywhistle and a new Spanish song. I have also added a new instrument basket to our living room. Several of the instruments Little Sis has learned about in her spelling Thinking Tree journal.

One of the things we decided to give up as a family during the season for Michaelmas is our tablets( most likely it will be for longer than a season). There is a lot I would like to write about why we are giving up screens right now, and our choice to move back to Waldorf education, but feel it is just not the right time yet.

For our handwork project this week, we finally made beanbags. The girls used them while learning their Michaelmas poem.


The girls wrapped up their woodworking block by adding their project to their journals.


They finished their form drawing from the last two weeks.


I am focusing on freehand geometric shapes for Little Sis’s geometry block this year.

The girls also added a goldenrod page to their journals. Sky will have a biodynamic gardening block this year. I am adding a nature study lesson to our monthly rhythm to make up for not having studied Botany.


We watched the documentary/movie: Given for Sky’s movie history course.


All of us enjoyed it very much. You can stream it on Netflix.

As for Independent work, without tablets, our family’s creativity has been sparked. I have found myself too busy for Facebook.

Papa made a puzzle board for us.


What the girls are currently reading.


Sky has been playing around with block crayons.


Little Sis has been busy sketching.



As for myself, I have been reading a few of Steiner’s lectures on education (again) and working more inwardly by journaling my thoughts in my own Thinking Tree journal.

I don’t quite understand the journey I had to go through or the why, but everything now makes perfect sense. While going over old notes, that I took down the first time I read Steiner, I just shake my head in disbelief that I couldn’t “get it” then. Now I completely understand the “whys” behind Waldorf education. I think I left marks from all the facepalming I have done over these last few weeks.

Peace for the journey.


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