A Week in the Life (Mathematics Block 1, Finance)

Well, we hit another bump in the road this week. I knew we would eventually. After all, we are completely changing up our previous rhythm for something new(old).

When one has had their own tablet for years, suddenly finding yourself without one can be a bit challenging. I won’t try to pretend everything has been peachy keen around here. We quickly found out just how much we relied on them when bored, and that for us was the problem.

Technology can be such a good thing. I was able to wish my nephew a happy birthday face to face 500 miles away. I am able to purchase most of our homeschool supplies online that I would never find in Indiana, not to mention all the amazing online resources available that help me be able to homeschool at all. I could write a whole post about the medical advancements alone.

However, we must acknowledge that technology can be a bad thing too. It is far too easy to use as an escape from the “real world” and become a clutch from facing problems. (To be an American teen right now, I understand the need to escape.) Technology became the wedge that ended up dividing our family. It was time to reclaim us.

I know technology is here to stay, there is just more to living than allowing it to control every aspect of your life.

Despite our setback, we still ended up getting quite a lot done.

We turned our air conditioning back on (after Papa had it covered and ready for winter) because temperatures reached the high 80s again. Not just 80s, but with lots of humidity too. I just can’t take the humidity anymore. So, that meant no more baking in the oven. Tortillas are back.


One of the girls rolls them out, while the other one cooks it stovetop.


They make a good team.

The girls started their first math block of the school year. They are both learning about finances. Little Sis is learning business math while Sky learns about personal finances.



Since I have two different ages (12, heart and 17, head), I work with Little Sis in the morning while Sky works on language arts. While I work with Sky in the afternoon, Little Sis works on her language arts assignments. We start the rhythmic portion of the main lesson together and end our day together with the rotating lesson of the day.

Since Little Sis is still considered in elementary school (grades 1-8) she learns lessons through the “heart” or feelings, which means stories. I created a story about our family owning our own bakery. She came up with the name Vi’s Vegan Delights. Before she can begin working for us though she needs to learn the history of how our society became a money economy. I read The Apple Cake (with hopes to make our own, but no, too hot for baking this week). I used this story to explain self-sufficient, barter, and money economies.


Since Sky is in high school (grades 9-12) she learns through the “head” or intellect. So, Sky and I are reading and discussing Financial Literacy for Millenials and watching Crash Course Economics videos.


During their independent time, the girls work on the week’s form drawing, A Sentence a Day, read their stories (of choice), and work on spelling and vocabulary words.

Sky finished her Donte’s Inferno page


and movie page for Given.


Little Sis continues to sketch.



(Her self-portrait.)

We had Spanish and Penny Whistle lessons this week, and are still enjoying reading The Hobbit.


The girls switched between Mad Libs and the Grocery Store game during morning movement.

We spotted a Praying Mantis during one of our walks


and played a few games.


Besides the bumps, we are getting used to our new rhythm. I feel confident about next week and that is a good thing.

Peace for the journey.


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