A Week in the Life (Finance, Week 2)

Well, this will be my last post categorized under 17 years for Sky. Monday she will be 18. I can’t believe it. I don’t know where the time has gone. Our journey together has not always been an easy one. She has challenged me every step of the way. Watch out world! She demands change.

Since on the subject of change, I think we have finally found our rhythm.

Instead of trying to fit two main lessons into our day, one for each child, I work with Little Sis one day, Sky the next. While I am working with Little Sis, Sky works independently on her previous main lesson work. While working with Sky, Little Sis works independently on her main lesson work. Since they are learning about the same topic, just at different intellectual stages, we can review and discuss their material together before they go to work independently.

We also added our afternoon lessons (Spanish, handwork, penny whistle, and art) into our main lesson before each child goes their separate way. Now when we take our break, all we need to do is chores. The girls have been helping make dinner every night too (part of their financial lessons). We end the day reading while eating dinner.

We start our main lesson together with a centering and morning verse adding the eurythmy movements. We practice the current Spanish and penny whistle song from the previous week’s lesson. Then the girls do a mental math challenge, practice the form drawing for the week, and either work on A Sentence a Day or Mad Libs.

For this week’s challenge, the girls played a grocery store game I made up.


They take turns shopping and being the cashier. The shopper must choose at least one item with a sales tax. The cashier must figure out what the sales tax is. The cashier must count the change back out to the shopper without using a calculator. The shopper must figure out what how much change they will be getting back, in their heads, to know if the cashier is right. It amazes me how many cashiers have not learned how to do this. The girls got a first-hand learning experience over the weekend while our family attended Kokomo-Com. One of the booths almost shortchanged me.

The girls work on their spelling and vocabulary words, main lesson page, and read independently while I am working with the other.


(I am so excited to read the second book in the Society of Alchemists series! The first book is number 1 on my favorite top 5 book list of 2018.)

This week Little Sis learned how the importance of trade,


supply and demand, time accounts, and double-entry bookkeeping are good for economic prosperity.


We are reading Who is Richard Branson.

Sky and I continued with Crash Course Economics and Financial Literacy for Millennials.



The girls made a list of 10 Spanish words they know and copied them in a fancy font.


We started making bendy dolls for our dollhouse


and Little Sis has been sewing felt food.


Little Sis has been practicing sketching.






Sky has been drawing more with block crayons.


We all have really been enjoying The Hobbit. Reading it around the table during dinner is the most anticipated part of our day.

Living without individual electronics has been getting a bit easier. Totally worth it.

Peace for the journey.


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