Weeks in the Life (Halloween and More)

This will be my last post categorized under a 12-year-old. As of tomorrow, all of our children will be teenagers on up.

It seems like so much has happened since my last post. We lost power for a weekend, which luckily we were prepared for, during a wind apocalypse that leftover 55,000 homes without power. We wrote about it in our family newspaper.



This will count as part of Little Sis’s (and Sky’s too) creative writing lessons.

We found it a bit ironic that we had just recently given up our screens, so entertainment was not an issue.

We had a birthday and celebrated two festivals.

Not having electricity for two days allowed time for some deep inner reflection. No matter how hard I have tried our school lessons have still felt forced and not naturally rhythmic like I want. Our home was not as peaceful as we all would like. Something was still off.

I knew the jump from our fast-paced life into a more rhythmic one would be challenging, I just didn’t think how much of a challenge it would be for all of us. Then, the power went out. Nothing slows you down like not having electricity. Pots of water were slowly heated on top of our woodstove for dishes or tea. Baked potatoes were cooked over the coals. There were no electronics to interrupt us(thanks to our cell phones being dead or with a low battery). For a weekend, time for us stood still. Who would have thought it would be so hard to sleep with complete silence?

So, we talked. The girls told me what they felt like wasn’t working. Then it hit me, I was still trying to do “school” at home, even if it was Waldorf. You would think by now, all these years later, I would have learned that!

Homeschooling, at least for us, should flow as naturally as breathing. So, thanks to Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations we focused more on finding our homeschooling rhythm.

Lessons happened, just more organically like they should.

If the girls were in a Waldorf school, Little Sis would be learning about the Age of Exploration. Sky would be discovering “Who” she is. Both girls are on a journey of self but at different levels.

I chose business math for Little Sis and personal finances for Sky with the theme of our family owning a business, or vegan bakery as Little Sis insists, to use as our story through the year. However, I kept trying to separate our lessons into blocks of this, then, this, and so on instead of just letting things happen.

So, instead of feeling rushed to get our math block done so we can do history, and then a science block. I am combining all of those subjects into our story for the whole year.

We may calculate simple interest for the loan we needed to take out from the bank to start our bakery, or balance the budget of our expenses this week and then next week join a ship on its way to India to gather special spices for our bakery. First, we might need to understand magnetism or chart the stars to make a map for navigation. Then, write an article about our expeditions in our family newspaper. This way I can work with both girls at the same time, just at different levels.

Sometimes, you need something as big as a power outage to “get” the message.


We are still reading and enjoying The Hobbit during dinner.


I brought out the modeling beeswax.

Little Sis has been busy putting together puzzles. (I am thinking of buying stock in Ravensburger. 🙂 )


Sky had been stitching


and drawing.


We have also been busy with our independent reads.


(I finished book two of the Alchemist’s Daughter and loved all 700 pages of it. Bring on Book 3! Little Sis is on book five of The Princess Diaries, the library can not get them in stock fast enough. Sky has read book four of the Rick and Morty series already and is on book 4 of Saga.)

We learned about the history of banks and money from Extra Credits on YouTube.




Our vegan “bakery” has been busy with peanut butter cookies (made twice now), snickerdoodles,


quiche (made with tofu).


and Halloween ghost and pumpkin sugar cookies.



The girls have written new songs on their penny whistles,


learned new Spanish songs, and attempted to draw one of our favorite couples, Jack and Sally.


There was Halloween Mad Libs, logic puzzles, and games of Guess My Number between 1-1000.

We created new dolls for our dollhouse



and remembered our loved ones who have passed on.



Peace for the journey.



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