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February 20, 2014

While washing the dishes Little Sis has created a new sort of game (for us that is).

Little Sis: “Only using one word describe each character I name. Madam Giry, go.”

Me: “Stern”

Little Sis: “Eric”

Miss Sky: “Intimidating”

It has become a routine part of our day. 🙂


Little Comments

February 13, 2014

What I overhear while starting the fire for the day, the girls just waking up.

Miss Sky: “Oh and I guess you think Michael Crawford’s high pitch voice was better.” Little Sis obviously said something negative about Gerard Butler’s voice.

If you did not already know the majority of the girls time is spent engrossed in conversation about The Phantom of the Opera. I myself feel very lucky just to be along for the ride. 🙂

This post of Little Comments was brought to you today by “But how do you know your children are learning?”.

Little Comments

January 26, 2014

While at the grocery store Little Sis pointed over at one of the shelves, Little Sis: “Mom look.”

There was a mini statue of the Eiffel Tower.

I asked her what it was. Little Sis replied: “The Paris Tower.”

Miss Sky then supplied it’s correct name. 🙂

Little Comments

January 23, 2014

While waiting for this week’s PBS Nature to come on they always have “previews”, as I don’t really want to call them commercials. Miss Sky putting her stuff up getting ready stops in front of the television, “I love PBS it doesn’t matter what is on I’m like a deer in the headlights.” (of course a saying she had picked up from last week’s show 🙂 ) “I just can’t look away.”

I love that the girls don’t see a difference between PBS and other channels. They enjoy NOVA and My Little Pony. The enjoyment is all that matters.

Little Comments

October 10, 2013

Miss Sky has had her face in her 3ds pretty much any spare minute she can. Addicted? Maybe, but not how you may think. 😉 She has been reading, reading, and reading fan fiction stories.

“Mom there are some really good ones. Some I have a bit of trouble with but have been looking up words as I go. For instance once I understood what flailing meant I was good.”

Flailing was not our word of the week but it should have been. Since her mentioning it I have found it twice. Once in the book I’m reading and once in an article a friend shared on Facebook. I paused both times to show her and am pretty sure she won’t have any more problems knowing what it means. 🙂

Little Comments

August 27, 2013

While leaving a comment on Facebook with Little Sis looking over my shoulder waiting for the computer, Little Sis: ” Mom you spelled know wrong.”

Me looking back over my comment instead of know I had spelled now. It is something I find myself doing all the time. Not only was she able to tell me of my misspelled word but she was able to read my sentence and knew which word I was trying to spell.

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June 24, 2013

Two Wii Ware games that get played a lot by all around here are 2 Fast 4 Gnomz and Gnomz.

While Little Sis was playing 2 Fast For Gnomz, Little Sis: “So I guess the g in the word gnomes is silent because we say it like nomes.”

Papa: “Yes it is, and gnomes doesn’t have a z either it is spelled g-n-o-m-e-s.”

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June 24, 2013

So I’ve mentioned how Miss Sky is really into the Anime and the Manga Black Butler and the Victorian Times in which the story takes place.

(Parent rating 🙂 , this series is rated TV-14 and I do not recommend it for little ones as it can get bloody. Both girls know their limits and I trust them. Little Sis chooses not to watch. I just wanted to mention this series is a bit more mature than others we have watched like Fruits Basket.)

Miss Sky: “So there really was a Jack the Ripper? Did they ever solve the case? Did he really kill prostitutes?”

Me:” I know a crime writer, Patricia Cornwell, wrote a book recently of who she thinks he was but don’t know if the case has been solved or not. Let’s take a look.”

Yes I am thankful for the internet. 🙂

Little Comments

June 11, 2013

When our tree fell across our fence into our neighbor’s yard and us cleaning up the mess afterwards has made us available more for conversations with them.

One conversation turned to school, they do know we homeschool, and testing.

Neighbor: “Don’t the girls need to be tested like the school kids?”

Me explaining the homeschooling laws in our state, Indiana, and that homeschoolers here do not need to have their kids tested.

The look she gave me ,being honest, made me feel like a criminal. Like how on earth is that legal?

I have learned though ,and having gained tremendous amounts of confidence in homeschooling ( I don’t mention unschooling to anyone except close family and friends who are truly curious), that it may not be the other person’s intention to make me feel bad.

I have learned that their idea of what they think homeschooling is, is not the same as what we actually do. If they have no examples of homeschooling to make connections they can only use what they know and that is what they remember school to be like which includes testing.

I also know that they are clueless to any of the homeschooling laws or what goes on inside our home so instead of letting their questions bother me I try to figure out what they really are wanting to know.

I think they really want reassurance that the girls won’t grow up uneducated (because test scores= educated 😉 ), which in reality is impossible to give anyone reassurance of what will happen with another person’s future homeschooled or not. The best “educated” person can still make very costly mistakes, that is life.

Me: “You know, you would have to be a pretty crappy parent to not want your children educated.”

The conversation ended soon after that because either I’m a crappy parent who doesn’t want my children educated (and that is a whole other topic)or I’m not.

I don’t hide my kids away from the world, actually I am pretty proud of them. I don’t need test scores to prove how smart they are. Conversations with them prove that and there is one in particular who loves conversations. 🙂

Little Comments

May 29, 2013

One of our family movies recently was Disney’s Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Miss Sky took much interest in this time period and has been asking all kinds of questions. We watched this movie two months ago and our conversation is still ongoing.

Miss Sky: ” Mom do you think it fair just because the gypsies were different and didn’t want to follow the Catholic church’s rules that they were burned at the stake?  Mom has men always used their power to control women? Mom what time period did The Hunchback take place? How far after this time period was the Victorian time period?”

Okay she now has taken interest in the anime Black Butler which takes place during the Victorian time period.

Miss Sky: ” Mom when did burning at the stake end? Mom what types of punishments existed during the Victorian time period?”

Me searching my brain for connections, okay Victorian times, Charles Dickens, work houses, reformation, Martin Luther, men: ” Well why don’t we google and have us a look.” 🙂

Oh and I am picking up a copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo from the library to have me a read. (Our listen to it for free at LibriVox).